As the demand for high tech devices, a dash cam is more than just a newfangled luxury purchase for capturing offbeat footage. The primary function of a dash cam is to provide live footage, image or audio evidence in case of an accident it can provide you a proof for insurance claims, and that can be used to identify against perpetrators who commit a crime against you or others.

steering wheelThere is a wide range of dash cams that include all sophisticated features, but we understand the need and value for money product is equally important to you.

After in-depth research, we decided to find out the comparison between Campark R10 v/s Anstar 10 v/s OOTSUTU Mirror Dash Cam. These competitors carry the same price tag around $140 approx. We will compare the best products which are value for money, best in durability and equipped with maximum features.

Don't you have one? You should absolutely get one. Let’s find out why.


Generally the best dash cams have similar technology to one another, and for the most part, mount somewhere along with a car's front windscreen or windshield. Of course, wherever you place your dash cam must not block your view of the road. But still, there are a lot of vast differences between them, so let’s find out.

1. Resolution

Campark R10, Anstar 10 and OOTSUTU provide full HD 1080P high resolution on dual cameras brings you crystal image with details such as license plates, street signs, etc. All operations can be easily navigated by swiping your fingers with a touch screen on these devices.

2. Night Vision

All three devices provide night vision feature but only Campark R10 and OOTSUTU equipped with six lenses and F2.0 aperture that enhances the night vision and obtain sharp, color-accurate images.

3. IP Ratings and Viewing Angle

Campark R10 is certified with an IP68 rating which keeps your rear camera working well in rainy weather. Campark takes a massive lead because while driving you can face several extreme kinds of weather; therefore it is essential to have certified IP ratings.

OOTSUTU and Anstar record a video at a 170- degree viewing angle while Campark R10 record footage at a 140-degree viewing angle. Campark uses high-end Sony’s CMOS sensor with six lenses that provide you the best viewing angle; overall we found the Campark quality was the finest in terms of performance.

4. Gravity Sensor

G-sensor means when encounter collision, G-sensor will automatically lock the video, which makes the video can’t be overwritten; even the Loop Record function is on. All three devices support G-sensor.

5. WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) Technology

WDR, the exposure is automatically fine-tuned to create balanced images and footages in any light conditions compared with ordinary images; it can provide more dynamic range and image details.

Campark changed the whole scenario and improved the quality of images and videos with WDR. Anstar, OOTSUTU doesn’t support this feature.

6. 24-Hours Parking Monitor

When you park the car in a busy area or park for days, the car camera can also standby after parking. When shocking is detected, the camera will turn on and take a video


Campark has some additional features like WDR Technology, IP Ratings, and Improved Night Vision. Other features are the same in comparing to others at this price point.


These entire rear view dash cam devices priced from $130-$200 approx. Prices may vary.


Campark R10 provides you with the maximum features that make it far superior to its competitors.