How often have you experienced that irritating glare reflecting from the rear view mirror of your car while the sunshine is at its fullest? Anyone who drives car frequently or ride in one, will be well aware of this glaring effect created under scorching sunshine or bright headlight from another vehicle. Needless to say, this not only creates discomfort in looking at the traffic behind your car but also increases the chance of unfortunate traffic situations, even accidents if the person behind the steering wheel gets confused for a fraction of second.

 What is Electrochromatic Rear View Mirror?

Gone are the days when standard rearview glasses were sufficient enough – Campark brings you the mirrors with electrochromism effect and video streaming feature so that you can use it as dash cam and that too without any glaring.

Electrochromatic Rear View Mirror –What Is Special In It?

If you know about photo chromatic spectacle lenses, you would be aware of how these lenses darken automatically under exposure of sunshine. The electrochromatic mirror for your car is same as the photo chromatic glass. Also called auto-dimming car mirror, these rearview dash cams are used to diminish the blinding effect caused by reflection of scorching sunrays or blind spot created by bright headlights reflecting on the mirror. In both these cases, the blind spot effect lasts even after the sun is blocked or the vehicle flashing headlights has passed.

 What is Electrochromatic Rear View Mirror?

The specialty of these electrochromatic car mirrors are as follows –

  • These mirrors reduce Troxler Effect, which is quite similar like having a temporary blind spot. Without these mirrors, the car driver’s reflex timing reduces by as much as 1.4 seconds and while driving at breakneck speed with cars on your tail, these things can prove to be fatal.
  • While the car camera attached to the mirror makes sure to record every activity of a passing vehicle, the electrochromatic mirror makes sure the reflection is dimmed automatically and according to intensity of the light. Brighter sunshine or flashy headlights or lights coming from a closer source, the mirror can automatically dim the display.
  • The mirror offers seamless electrochromism to let you experience proper amount of dimness throughout your journey. The view under brazen sunshine during daytime and bright headlights during nighttime look more detailed and clearer than the conventional dash camera with rear view mirror. Being fully automated, it does not need manual adjustment.

 What is Electrochromatic Rear View Mirror?

Advantages of Installing Electrochromatic Rear View Mirror with Dash Cam

Even with enhanced night vision, the mirror prevents overexposed video while the backup camera and dash cam with 1080P video capturing feature makes sure you miss no natural or man-made action reflected on the mirror and camera. Coming to the advantages of the car rear view mirror, Campark offers video streaming with R10 Backup and Dash Cam that comes with the electrochromatic mirror and hence, you can check the traffic condition by easily adjusting the camera. Both its front and rear lenses record 1080P videos simultaneously, so that you can get crystal clear image of street signs, license plates etc.

The touch screen mirror also has excellent night vision and the wide angle waterproof rear camera shows you bright footage automatically without any distortion or blind spot. With Wide Dynamic Rang (WDR) technology, images are fine-tuned automatically for perfect exposure balance while the Gravity sensor makes sure that the footage is safely recorded even while there is abnormal vibration or the car is parked.