Whether you would like to capture your thrilling motorcycle adventure or just want additional security while driving the road, the action cameras are the best choice. These compact cameras have a huge impact on video quality. The thing that makes them distinct is how small and flexible they are. Additionally, they come with a variety of accessories that offer many ways of mounting.

This guide will assist you to comprehend the difference between a high-quality camera and one not worth your time, by describing the differences in image quality and features.


campark action cameras

The advantages of action cameras

  • Can use as a Proof: You return from an incredible adventure and have amazing stories to share. And then, no one can believe it actually happened. A camera with an action feature provides the evidence you require. You can also put an action camera mounted on your car, which will provide proof in the event of an accident.
  • Compact size: The cameras are compact making them simple to carry with you. Video cameras and traditional cameras cannot compete and will weigh a lot in these adventurous things. Its small size makes it simpler to attach the camera to smaller spaces.
  • Qualitative: The video and image high-quality of the cameras are amazing. Certain cameras come with the wide-angle lens to capture more of the landscape. The clarity of the video pleasant and easy to view.


campark action cameras

Key Features

  • WATERPROOF: Your action camera must be water-proof. It's impossible to predict what kind of weather you'll face So having it waterproof allows you to be more flexible. Instead of worrying about the camera becoming submerged, you can jump straight into. Check out the degree of waterproofing your camera is equipped with. Some cameras are only waterproof when there is a splash or light rain. Some can continue to keep track of deeper water.


  • VIDEO QUALITY: There's no reason to bring an camera to record the footage if it's blurry and pixelated. The majority of action cameras use 4K , which will give sharp and clear images. It's the most high-quality resolution you can purchase currently. It's also one of the most expensive. It is also important to think about frames per second. An increased frame rate can give you better quality video and greater editing control.
campark action cameras
  • ACCESSORIES: What do you get your camera with? There are cameras that don't come with anything, which means you're buying only the camera. You'll need to purchase all of the other accessories separately. Some cameras come with a couple of accessories or an entire kit. Make sure you choose a camera that includes mount equipment, a stand and straps to provide you with the tools that you require for different scenarios.


Other Features to Consider: 

  • Long-term durability. The whole point of an action camera is to capture your entire action-packed adventures. That means that your camera has to be built to withstand drops, bumps and even water. Find a camera has a sturdy and long-lasting shell that is strong enough to shield the delicate electronic components inside.


  • Battery. How long will it take the battery to fully charge and how long will it last after fully charged? These are vital and determine the usability and functionality for your device. Short battery life will mean you constantly charging as well as switching battery. Some cameras let you alter the settings to increase the battery life and this is something to consider when you compare cameras.
campark action cameras
  • Dimensions and Form. Consider the size of the camera, its shape, and the capacity of any camera that you choose to purchase. It should be small enough that it can fit in the spaces in which you'd like to place it. It is the same with the design. It is important to consider the weight when you intend to place your camera in a place that is sensitive such as on the top of your helmet.



campark action cameras
  • Under $70: You could get an action cam that is decent at this price bracket. They might not offer the top video or image quality or the most advanced features. But they're sturdy and reliable. 


  • $80-$150: Cameras in this price range are sturdy, reliable and come with a variety of nice features. They'll vary in terms of the technology in terms of video and technology.


  • $150 and above: These are the best cameras that you can purchase and are packed with features that offer the highest quality of video and images. They might have more features than you require or ever need.

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