Have you recently experienced a car accident and having a hard time claiming for insurance as there is no concrete evidence? The dash camera can be your one-stop solution for monitoring any accident as well as burglary, theft or harm done with your car when you are not near. You might park the car at the designated place but another irresponsible driver might knock your car off or someone can damage any part of car to steal something kept inside your car. Often you leave your pet or kids inside car while going to buy something, the camera can also act as a safety surveillance device to ensure their safety.

Evidence Of Accident

With the dashboard camera from Campark, everything since you have started the engine till you return home and stop the engine, gets captured both during daytime and nighttime. No matter whether the car has met an accident on road or knocked off in parking lot, the recording will be the firsthand evidence for every occurring so that it can be found whether it was your fault or the person or car you have met the accident with.

Monitoring How A Teen Or Minor Drives

No matter how careful you are with your minor kids or teenagers at your home, they can steal your car key anytime and go for an adventurous ride which is not at all legal and can be risky for their lives as well as the car. With the dash camera integrated with the mobile phone app you can get high quality footage of how the teen or kid is driving the car and whether they are safe. In this way you can not only contact them to return back with the car but also track their location with the in-built GPS. Even if your kid is of legal driving age, this camera can act as surveillance to monitor their driving skill when they are not efficient in driving.

Recording Your Road Trip

With the wide angle lens, the camera can be your best choice for road trip photography as holding a camera and clicking pictures from the window, that too while driving is not at all a good idea. Its built-in WiFi system makes sure that you get to share the video on your social media or as personal mail to anyone.  

Claiming Insurance And Clearing Legal Proceedings

The digital camera will bear evidence of every unfortunate or deliberate accidents that your car has to experience before getting to the mechanic. Often people try fraudulent ways to extort money from you after causing accidents and often the mechanic rejects insurance claims from your side. The footages of the dash cam can save you from spending your hard earned money for something that was not your fault.

With numerous features like CMOS sensor of Sony integrated with the 170 degree wide angle lens that offers 1080P video with HDR mode, balanced dark and light spots and exposure, you will be get every moment captured with loop recording feature. It will automatically save videos with the activated G Sensor whenever there is any emergency situation like collision or shake.  

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