For outdoor use with brilliant features, Campark launches the T150 Solar Powered WiFi Bluetooth Trail Camera. With rechargeable solar panel, this trail camera is a revolutionary innovation in the field of photography.



When it comes to innovation with the eco-friendly renewable source of energy, Campark never seems to stand behind and its range of solar-powered trail cameras are such examples. The Campark T150 Bluetooth Trail Camera is a combination of solar panels and game cameras so that users no longer need to rely on Lithium batteries that have limited power capacity. As a pioneer in launching cameras with solar energy backup, users can recharge the device with USB cables provided in the package. Users can also use AA batteries for the camera although Lithium batteries might not function properly in low-temperature regions. 

A game camera or trail camera is used to monitor wildlife, properties and take snaps of creatures within an area. For this reason, Campark makes sure that video and picture quality is top-notch –the T150 model offer industry-standard 4K video resolution and 30MP image resolution for amazing picture quality and brilliant details. There will be no issue while playing the media on any device as the video is saved in MP4 format that is compatible with any video player. While the videos and images taken in daytime will be bright and colourful, that at night will be black and white although without any compromise with the quality.



Game Camera Pro is an app compatible with Android and iOS that needs to be installed on mobile devices to download and preview the media captured on the camera. The solar panel of the T150 comes with Bluetooth and WiFi features while the camera has a hotspot to connect the Smartphone. Therefore, users can view, playback, download, zoom in on the media on their Smartphone even without detaching the camera time and again.



There are 36 pieces of 850nm Infrared LEDs in the camera that lets it capture bright and detailed footage at night. While being equipped with night vision, the camera has a 120-degree wide-angle for a wide depth of field that can be very much useful for wildlife photographers, naturalists, and hunters, as well as for farm monitoring and home security. The camera has a protective case that is IP66 rated waterproof and will keep the body and footage safe from rain, splash, snow, dust, and dirt. To put it simply, the T150 is suitable for adverse environmental conditions like a tropical rainforest, arid desert, snowy landscapes, etc.

 As for the camera features, there is support for ten continuous shooting, and photos are n numbered from 1 to 10. From blooming flower to sprouting seed, eggs hatching to animals mating –various moments can be captured with time-lapse function just by pressing “on” and setting time intervals.


  • 4K video recording
  • High-resolution pictures
  • Built-in solar panel
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Fast trigger speed
  • Wide detection angle
  • Several customizable settings

The package contains the trail camera with solar panel, USB cable, threaded tripod, three screws, user manual and the mounting belt to attach on a tree trunk, branch, pole, wall etc.