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Campark TC20 24MP 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera Wireless View Outdoor Game Camera with HD Screen


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4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera Wireless View Outdoor Game Camera

About this item

Flexible 4G Cellular NetworkThe cellular tracking camera supports 4G cellular network (Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile), ensuring that the phone can remotely access and control the camera. Without WiFi restrictions, you can remotely manage camera settings, monitor the camera's operating status, view or download animal pictures and videos, and share wonderful moments with your family outdoors wirelessly through the APP. There are no activation fees, contract fees or other hidden fees to use this card.

Complimentary SIM Card & 100M Free TrafficThis cellular hunting camera comes with a SIM card and 100M free traffic (the camera can be activated when it is connected to the 4G LTE network, and it can be used within seven days after activation). After the first activation is successful, within seven days 200 HD photos and 5 HD videos can be uploaded. You can recharge data within the budget, so that you can better use the 4G network function (this camera can also be used as a normal hunting camera when the 4G function is not turned on).

24MP HD Pictures & 1080P Original VideoThis outdoor hunting camera can take 24MP high-definition pictures and clear 1080P audible videos day and night, bringing you a wonderful visual experience and showing you a more vivid wildlife world. You can easily view photos, videos and set up tracking cameras on the 2.4-inch high-definition screen.

【Micro SD Card & Cloud StorageThis field tracking camera supports micro SD card (not included, maximum support 32G) and cloud storage, cloud storage is free to use forever. The cloud storage is designed with special encryption. Unless the user agrees, he has no right to view the stored data, protecting the privacy and security of the user. You can choose the most suitable storage method according to your needs.

0.5-Second Trigger Speed When the camera detects a wild animal entering the monitoring range, it will immediately shoot at a trigger speed of 0.5 seconds, so that you will not miss any wonderful moments. When the camera triggers an activity, it will automatically record a video and push a real-time alarm notification to your mobile phone, so that you can keep abreast of the real-time situation within the monitoring range.

No-light Night Vision & 20-meter Night Vision DistanceThe camera has built-in 36 850nm no-light night vision lights, which can take clear images even in the dark without disturbing wild animals. The field of vision in the dark can reach 65ft/20M, presenting you with a wider range of night vision scenes.

IP66 Waterproof DesignThis hunting camera adopts a solid and stable mechanical design and multi-level waterproof design, so that this camera can have IP66 waterproof function, and can work stably under harsh outdoor conditions. It is suitable for hunting activities, wildlife monitoring, farm monitoring and other occasions.

4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera Wireless View Outdoor Game Camera
4G LTE Remote Access Anytime Anywhere
This 4G cellular hunting camera can help you remotely check the camera's running status, view or download pictures and videos, manage camera settings, etc. anytime, anywhere. Share wonderful moments with family and friends.
4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera Wireless View Outdoor Game Camera
More Functional Design
Whether it is day or night, it can shoot 24MP high-definition images and 1080P audio videos to restore the most realistic animal activity scenes. The IP66 waterproof design allows the camera to continue to operate normally in outdoor environments all year round, providing you with wildlife activity tracks in different seasons.
4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera Wireless View Outdoor Game Camera
Come with Prepaid SIM Card
The SIM card and 100M free traffic that come with the camera can be activated when you connect to the 4G LTE network. After activation, you can upload 200 high-definition photos and 5 high-definition videos for free within seven days.
Campark TC20 24MP 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera Wireless View Outdoor Game Camera with HD Screen
Discounted Traffic Packages
This 4G Cellular Hunting Camera Traffic Package offers affordable data traffic options to ensure that you can access your camera in real time and enjoy a high-speed, stable internet connection anytime, anywhere.
Campark TC20 24MP 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera Wireless View Outdoor Game Camera with HD Screen
Warm Tips
  • When you in the photo and photo +video mode, the menu only show the photo resolution, and in the video mode, the video resolution would be show in the menu.
  • Mac computers show an "Unknown" drive on the desktop. When clicking on this drive, the program "iPhoto" is automatically started.
  • When the mobile phone and the camera are paired for the first time, there is a delay of 5-10.
  • Do not mix new and old batteries or alkaline and lithium batteries.
  • Included SIM(Freely upload 200 photos and 5 videos within 7 days)
  • Supports network of Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile 
    • Pixels: 24MP
    • PIR detection distance: 20M
    • Night vision mode: 36pcs 850nm infrared night vision lights
    • Charging method: 8 AA dry batteries, 12V power supply
    • Audio: recordable
    • Storage: Micro SD card, maximum support 32G/paid traffic (Not include)
    • Waterproof grade: IP66
    • Networking method: 4G LTE
    • SIM card: Nano SIM (standard shipping)
    • App: Camera Trap Wireless
    • 1*Trail Camera
    • 1*Threaded Tripod
    • 1*Cellular Antenna
    • 1*User Manual
    • 1*USB Cable
    • 1*SIM Card
    • 1*Screw Bag
    • 1*Mounting Belt(2M)

    Question: Why isn't the trail camera sending photos and videos to me anymore?
    Answer:  Hello, First, please check if you still have the quota for uploading videos. If no, please recharge for SIM card. Second, please check if the power is enough. If yes, please replace 8 new batteries. It is recommended to set the sensitivty to medium or low, preventing the camera from overshooting.

    Question:  Why does it disconnect suddenly?
    Answer: Please check if the signal is stable. You can check if on the app or the SIM's sign on the trail camera. If the remaining number of photo and video is 0, please recharge the SIM on the app. For more help, please contact us contact us on amazon or at TC@yooomail.com
    It is better to send us SIM card number and trail camera's IMEI number to us when you have encountered issues.

    Question:  Cost for service?
    Answer: Depends on your preference. Basic service: $4.99/month or $49.99/year. They have detailed offers on their app, and it all depends on your photo/video preference. Basically, if you are buying this kind of trail camera, expect to spend monthly/yearly fees for the convenience of receiving photo/video directly to your app or on demand. 

    Question:  It seems the SIM card not detected? Is there anything wrong?
    Answer: Hello,1) Please make sure to install 8 new AA batteries (please do not mix old and new batteries).2) Please check if the SIM is inserted correctly. The notched part faces outward. The chip of the SIM card faces down. It will take a long time to connect for the first time, please be patient.

    Question: Why doesn't it send videos to my phone?
    Answer:  Please check the 2 factors.
    1. Only 10-second video can be uploaded to the phone. Please check the video length you set on the camera.
    2. Please check if you still have the quota for the number of videos you can upload. If no, please recharge the SIM card on the app.

    Question: Why can't I connect the cellular trail camera successfully?
    Answer:  Hi, Firstly, please install antenna and SIM card correctly. You can watch the quick start video on the product detail page. Secondly, please note that the camera supports a maximum of 32GB SD cards. Thirdly, please wait for the signal to stabilize before connecting it to your phone.

    Question: Can I still use the cellular trail camera if there is no cellular data?
    Answer: Yes, you can still use the cellular trail camera if there is no cellular data, because the trail camera has screen to set up and playback files. 

    Question:  If you have multiple cameras,do you have to have multiple plans
    Answer: Yes, you need to purchase multiple plans for multiple trail cameras. For example, if you have 2 of this cellular trail cameras, you need to purchase 2 plans. After binding with the trail cameras, you need to click relevant trail camera on the app to purchase cellular plan.

    Question:  Are you able to connect a solar panel to the camera?
    Answer: Yes, you can connect 12V DC connector solar panel with the trail camera. Plug head is 3.5mm (outer diameter), 1.35mm (inner diameter). 

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    Campark TC20 24MP 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera Wireless View Outdoor Game Camera with HD Screen