Campark R10 Video Streaming Rearview Mirror Dual 1080P Dash Cam and Backup Camera



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Technical specifications


Product description

  • 10 Inch 1080P Touch Screen Streaming Media Mirror Dash Cam

It can provide you with super clear and bright real-time traffic condition without delays. All operations can be easily done by swiping your fingers. Original car style, it perfectly matches the vehicle body just like any parts of your car.

1080P high resolution on dual cameras brings you crystal image with details such as license plates,street signs etc. Front and rear cameras record at the same time, without missing any one second.

When you turn off the monitor, you can also use it as a normal rearview mirror.


  • Super Night Vision Safe Driving at Night

Equipped with F2.0 aperture and 6 glass lens, it can greatly enhances night vision and obtain sharp, color-accurate images.You can clearly read number plates and other important information even at night.


  • IP68 waterproof  Backup Camera with 140° View Angle

140° waterproof rearview camera provides you with 1080P clear image of what’s behind your car. IP68 waterproof standard keeps your rear camera working well in rainy weather.

When reversing, the screen will automatically display the rear view. And R10 dash cam can adjust automatically view angle to show you a closer rear view image while parking and display relatively distant images when driving. No blind spot, no distortion of image, which greatly improve your driving safety.


  • Build in GPS Function+Travelapse Function

R10 backup camera features GPS function. It can display the current driving speed and direction on screen

The dash cam comes with Travelapse function, which can record a long journey and compress it into a shorter video to play. Travelapse can save the storage space, get you rid of lengthy and tedious video, and show you the fascinating scenery along the way.

For example, setting Travelapse at 3X, you will get 1 hour video when the camera records for 3 hours long. (OFF/3X/6X/9X available)


  • Withstand Extreme Temperature

The device stands well in bad weather and extreme temperature during 4 °F to 170°(F), allows you to record in various climates, also the breathable back design helps the unit spreading out the heat when outside temperature is hot.


  • Flexible Front Camera Lens

The front lens can be pulled out/in to adjust view flexibly. Together with 1080P high resolution and 170° wide angle, it can cover the entire road ahead and captures all the critical details.


  • Gravity Sensor

Equipped with G-sensor, if there are abnormal vibrations, it will record automatically even in the unstarted state. If a violent collision, the video will be automatically locked and will not be covered


  • WDR Technology

WDR (wide dynamic rang),the exposure is automatically fine tuned to create balanced images and footages in any light conditions compared with ordinary images ,it can provide more dynamic range and image details


  • 24H Parking Monitor

When you park the car in busy area or park for days。The car camera can also standby after parking. When shocking is detected, the camera will turn on and take a video

 Package Included:

1x 10 Inch Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam
1x 1080P Backup Camera 
1x 18 Cable for Backup Camera 
1x Screws and 3M Tapes
1x 11 ft Car Change
4x Rubber Straps 
4x Cable Clamps
1x User Manual

Warm tips

  • Before installation, please insert a high speed memory card in the unit and format the memory card in the unit setting
  • We advise Genuine brand Micro SD Card which in CLASS 10,16GB or 32GB are both ok


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