31st March, 2019 New York- An action camera is strong, sturdy and reliable video camera which can generally be attached to a helmet, body or vehicle via a clamp. The use of action cameras is to let people film extreme sports, such as skiing or mountain biking. A normal video camera would not be be able to record you doing these activities due to the likelihood that it would break.

An action camera is specifically built for these types of opportunities, so will be reinforced, waterproof and generally rugged enough to take a bit of a battering! 

Global Action Camera Market

The Global Action Camera Market witnessed the high growth on account of increasing application in capturing action sports and activities. Growing popularity of travel industry and increasing number of travelers and adventure sports enthusiasts can motivate market growth in coming years.

Action cameras are specifically designed to withstand harsh weather conditions during adventures, such as bicycling, climbing, trekking, snowboarding, and skiing. Revolution in movie-making and increasing need for special effects are expected to boost the product demand in coming years.

Raising Popularity Of Social Media 

Approximately 5.18 billion people around the world – or 64.6% of the global population – were found to be internet users. Nowadays, raising popularity of social media platform because of high trend of sharing video content on internet is expected to stimulate market growth in future. There are lot of benefits offered by an action camera to gain traction among end users. The device can also be attached to helmets, handlebars, and surfboards and are helpful in sports, such as base jumping and flying.

For example, Skydio, a California-based company, introduced its first product called R1, a fully autonomous flying camera. It is capable of capturing 4K video and can be synchronized with mobile app. It consists of 13 cameras, which are independent. The product is equipped with NVIDIA Jetson, an AI supercomputer, which helps to make smart decisions, plan real-time activities, and navigate complex environments. 

High Competition 

There are many key companies operating in the action camera market are iON Worldwide; Drift Innovation; JVC Kenwood; Drift Innovation; and Sony Corporation. Today, market is very competitive due to presence of a large number of regional and international brands. Addition of new participants is also expected to increase competition in the market.

Different brands are trying to adopt various strategies, such as mergers and acquisitions, in order to build a strong presence in the market. But there are many brands avail in the market which can provide the better performance at low cost. It’s not important that you can only get the best in high price.

Campark- "A Better Player"

Many well known brands are avail in the market whose products are best and highly well performed. And the best thing is that you can purchase these cameras at reasonably price.

For instance, Campark, launched its new Action Camera series which are having several innovative features, such as Exceptional video quality, Water resistant (40m), Wi-Fi control and 2 inch screen touch, Adjustable view and broad angled lens, Burst mode, AWB&ISO&WDR etc.

It is expected that there will be high growth in the “Action Camera” market over the period between 2019 and 2024.