Campark V30 is one of the top action cameras that can offer high-quality native HD at 30FPS and native 4K.

solid electronic image stabilization. The camera is simple to use, well-built and provides decent audio quality. Of course, moving up to a higher-end camera will bring more flexible video and higher build quality however, the next step will cost you nearly twice as much and, for the average user, or someone who is who are just beginning their journey, something similar to this camera is more worth it.


Campark V30 action camera


The V30 is constructed from plastic. It is a mixture of smooth and textured to provide grip, as well as smooth for style flair. The plastic is made of sturdy with the button being sprung. It is lightweight and hollow but its lighter weight can be beneficial to when using an action camera as it allows drone run time a bit longer. As with many action cameras, it's not waterproof, unless you use the waterproof case included. On the front as well as the sides and top on the body of the camera, are buttons, and on the back is the touchscreen.

This camera is equipped with a basic collection of action camera accessories that will start you off. Some of the accessories include 2 batteries as well as a charger.


Campark V30 action camera


User interfaces are one of the greatest things to this camera. It's user-friendly, easy to use, and uses buttons as well as touch. There are a few characteristics that make it simple to use:

  • The camera will start with a tutorial on how to use it.
  • Hold and press the shutter button for instant access to the settings
  • Move your finger left and right across the screen to switch the modes.
  • Menus can be navigated using keys when you have the camera inside the waterproof case, or if you're wearing gloves

The menus are presented in a manner that makes sense and settings appear to be placed where they should be. The camera's settings include ISO, EV, White Balance, and a Normal/Sepia/Black as well as White color mode, however it does not have a Flat Color or Proton mode.



The V30 comes with native 4K resolution. This is the highest resolution at which it can shoot and offers a great deal of detail, vivid color and a thirty frames per second frame. The video that this camera makes is top-quality in the category of budget. Because there isn't a proton option or method to alter the contrast, other than EV settings The video is than a final product. This means that the video's quality is designed to appeal to the majority of consumers who won't be editing the color of their video after production. 


Campark V30 action camera


The contrast is high, and sometimes that can make scenes appear to be darker. While setting the camera's settings to +2/3 or +1/3 EV was helpful in some ways, a contrast setting could allow for greater customization and allowed more room to adjust without losing details in shadows.

In low light, the bright contrast makes dark areas look even more dark. This camera is ideal for recording during daylight because its tiny sensor creates some noise in the video. However, the night video quality is superior in the price range as well as the image quality acceptable in bright street lighting. When the city is dark street signs are clear and there is a lot of detail on the likes of pavement and bricks. If there isn't a light source, you can be unable to see anything.


Campark V30 action camera

Video Quality - 1080P and 2K

The camera can also shoot at 1080p 90 as well as 1080p 60 and 2K 60. The three settings are the best, however the 1080p 90 doesn't come with EIS while the 2K 60 appears a bit unbalanced and smug. The 1080p 60 is the highest resolution for high frame rate but due to the way in which the camera processes its high-res sensor, it is a bit smaller at 1080p. certain details are lost.

Make sure you use either 1080p or 4K with this camera.


Campark V30 action camera


Campark has produced a good camera in terms of the quality of video as well as user interface. There are a lot of action cameras that come with low quality and a poor specification, therefore it's refreshing to find Campark V30.

Campark V30 offering a competitive camera that is well-performing at a reasonable price. This camera will be a good choice for newbies as well as those who need quality for a low price that is also reliable.