Most of the camera’s in the market are not equipped to shoot underwater, even if you plan on using one they will not work without an underwater waterproof case. So what is the point in clicking or recording blurry images that get ruined with the water currents?

Fret not there is always an excellent solution around the corner for your luxurious beach vacation. We introduce to you the Hi-definition underwater camera by Campark – the X30 Action Camera.

the X30 best action camera

Now, whether you are an adventurous surfer, a daredevil travel blogger or simply a curious tourist who loves to show-off the beach body with some transcending shots of creatures swimming in the watery world then this is the camera that you need to invest in.  

What features can you enjoy with this cool gear?

  • Photographers can hone their skills with this compact camera. This will not even need a bulk of extra luggage to store. It comes in a travel-friendly size with components that can easily fit even in a backpack. Even while shooting underwater you can approach underwater creatures without scaring them off. Mount it onto a tripod and capture HD videos of teeming coral life.
  • It has a 2 inch LCD display, watch all the recorded footage on the large screen like a movie.
  • Supports all kinds of video resolution and is equipped to shoot in MP4 format.
  • In-built microphone and speaker which can be used while streaming live videos onto the social networking sites and blogs.

Campark X30 Action Camera: Best Underwater Camera for Diving

  • This helmet camera is easy to access with WiFi and instantly you can share the recorded shoot over your multimedia channels. Imagine all the underwater footage going viral with its precision and clear cut shots. You can also tweak and edit your photos with the phone app before uploading them.
  • Does not need much charging time, has a micro SD card slot for backup shots up to 64GB.
  • The JPG images can be shot at slow motion, burst photo, timer shots, and timelapse videos.


best cheap action camera


  • The cinematic crystal image ( 20MP / 16MP / 13MP / 8MP ) is favorable for surfers who love to show their sportive skills on huge waves. Imagine mounting the camera onto a headgear for POV shots while surfing. It will have a mind-blowing effect.
  • Do not miss a single detail with its pan-angle shot capability. The lens is superior wide angle quality that captures wide/middle/narrow fields. The body of the camera is resilient and damage proof.
  • While you are amusing yourself with scuba diving, reef surfing, coral diving, fishing and swimming this camera will record anything up to 40 meters submersion. It comes with a waterproof covering and you will never need an extra protective case.


best action camera under $100


  • Comes with tonnes of accessories to go with. Can shoot excellent quality images in low-light setting areas especially underwater where the sun rays do not reach for a clear picture. The red reduction allows natural light settings while shooting underwater.

Overall it is priced under $100 and its an outstanding bargain for envious footage clicked underwater. This top of the line professional grade action camera will make you the proud owner of crystal-clear shipwreck shots, vibrant marine life, beach parties, and remarkable surf tricks. Campark X30 is indeed the best underwater camera for diving.