Trail cams are generally used by the hunter for checking and researching any trails of the animal left behind. These cameras use the Heat Detection System and Motion Detection System for triggering themselves for capturing any movement in the area. This is generally used by a hunter for understanding the density of the target animals in the area. They also record the time and number of animals passing through the area. PIR sensor or Passive Infrared Lights are used in the camera of sensing purposes.


With the advancement of technology, the quality of the camera is also increasing. The picture taken by the cameras are now more crystal clear and they capture more details. Here are some important things that are needed for any Trail Cam Enthusiast.

Level of the Camera


This is the basis for any good quality trail camera. The photo quality captured by the camera depends upon the level of the camera. The sensor extended in the cone shape to the forward. This cone makes the detention zone of the camera. If the camera is not leveled properly then it can probably miss some detections that would be in the camera detection zone.

Slate River Mounts


If there is an option for hanging the tree camera then there is no need for worrying about the level of the camera. For hanging the camera the best angle is about 60-degree angles. With the help of these mounts, one can install the cameras on the trees for better capturing of any animal trails.

Extra Memory Cards


This is the most important part to consider while setting up the trail camera. The hunter should have some free memory cards in store when the memory of the camera gets filled. It is advisable for any Trail Cam Enthusiast to carry at least one SD Card Holders for proper SD card management. They must also carry a mini SD Card Reader for smart-phones to look at the captured images. It can be used for transferring the entire data to the phone and reuse the SD Card for the trail camera.

Use Aerosol or Permethrin Spray

While collecting the trail cams there can ant and spider. This is where these sprays come into play. They are used in killing ants and spiders. Use the latex gloves while Permethrin Spray as they are not designed for any human contact. After taking the trail camera spray a little bit of Permethrin Spray and wait for the spray to kill all the ants and spiders in the camera. This sprays completely odorless and does not attract the attention of any animals

Large Battery Life

For any camera designed for the trails must have a battery life of about 2 to 3 months. They must be rechargeable and provide much longer life. The most favorable option is to choose the lithium-ion battery.

The technology of the deer camera is developing very rapidly. One must look for more different and better options. Mentioned above are items that are necessary for any Trail Camera Enthusiast.