The season is changing and if you are all set to explore the outdoors by hunting, hiking or wildlife monitoring, Campark is here with its 4K cellular game camera T150. As it is the first camera to be recharged with solar energy, this can be your step to promoting more energy efficient sources of energy and a green world. Campark makes sure that the trail camera in combination with the solar panel is accessible via Smartphone as there is Game Camera Pro app to check the footages whenever you want. Here are the reasons why it can be considered as the best trail camera -


Campark T150 camera

Brilliant Image And Video Quality


You will get to choose from the options of image resolution from 12MP, 16MP, 20MP and 30MP as per your requirement and be prepared to get highly detailed clear images. For video, the highest industry standard can be selected i.e. 2304x1296 or 1296P and 3840x2160 or 4K at 30fps.


Superior Night Vision


With the super night vision, the camera has wide coverage of area up to 65 feet so that no matter how far an animal or person is, you miss not a single moment. At the same time, there are 36 pieces of 850nm LEDs with infrared flash that will work stealthily in such a way that none in the vicinity can make out that they are being monitored. Even though the images and footages are in black and white mode in night vision, the detailing is not compromised.


Campark T150 camera


Weather Shield And Anti-falling Mechanism


Campark T150 is secured from rain, accidental splash, snow, dirt, dust etc with its IP66 certification. While being waterproof for working seamlessly in the outdoors, it comes with mounting bracket and three screws so that you can install it on tree branches, trunks, fences, walls and more.


Trail camera – Campark - Focus on Cameras


Wide Angle Coverage And Fast Shutter Speed


Suitable for functioning in conditions like arid desert and tropical rainforest, the T150 trail camera supports the wide angle lens of 120-degrees to capture wide field of view. The 0.2 second trigger speed is super fast and with its 0.8 second recovery time you can be assured that no minute movement will be lost. What is better, you will get continuous shooting feature for ten consecutive images which are named accordingly. The camera works like a DSLR camera to take continuous shots but does not require you to manually handle it -what can be better than that?


Ease Of Charging


The non-removable solar panel attached on top of the camera works purely with solar energy and does not require you to charge the camera as long as it has power backup. When the power is exhausted, the in-built 4400 mAh AA batteries can recharge the camera no matter how bad the weather is. Besides, with low temperature resistance, the batteries can work in low temperature seamlessly.

The Campark T150 camera has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can access the images and videos easily from a mobile device without detaching the camera from the mount. The T150 also lets you capture time lapse videos automatically in the time intervals set by you.