Quite recently, the 10 years challenge has been a rave topic on social media sites and this trend has urged many companies to analyze their journey back to ten years. For any action sports and outdoor adventure enthusiast, Campark is a widely known name in terms of sports and action cameras.

Apart from the conventional digital cameras which are bulky, heavy and most of them not suitable for any action sports or underwater photography. Campark emphasized on low-weight compact trail cameras, dash cameras, and action cameras, etc.   

A stepping stone in 2009 and manufacturing giant in 2019

The brand ‘Campark’ was registered by the company in 2009 although the foundation of the company took place in 2008. While the HD waterproof camera is one cool gadget to record your underwater tryst, the trail camera can monitor any animal or human activity at remote places and dash cameras would be the perfect companion ensuring safety while you are driving.

Campark's 10-Year Challenge- Comparing 2009 vs.2019

The journey started with stocking souvenirs in various brand outlets but now as you stand in 2019 analyzing its journey, you can see the business spread across almost the entire U.S and beyond. One of the notable brands among the top twenty camera manufacturing companies, Campark soon created its popular online identity and was soon caught up with massive popularity.

Campark's 10-Year Challenge- Comparing 2009 vs.2019

The introduction of X30 edition, an underwater camera too became a leading product in comparison with other brands like Corpit, Jeemak, and Toguard in 2019.

From action camera in 2009 to versatile products in 2019

It was 2011 when ACT10, the pioneering sports camera came to market and as a matter of fact, it was the time when the now popular brands like GoPro too were not in the market. As a helmet camera, this hands-free camera with its waterproof, shock-proof design was perfect for cycling, horseback riding and racing, biking, skating, skiing, boating, surfing, and even hunting.

Campark's 10-Year Challenge- Comparing 2009 vs.2019

The launch of ultra HD 4k camera was one of the milestones in Campark’s marketing strategy as by this time people wanted a camera that could shoot 1800 x 720 resolution videos. Thus, came the ACT20, the next generation upgraded camera in the following year and the best bet was its surprisingly low weight i.e. only about 50-60 grams.

Struggling in 2009 to well-known brand in 2019

The 2011 TV Series of Black Mirror showed the ACT20 camera as helmet camera in one of its independent stories featuring the background of various modern technologies.

This mini show was aired on Netflix and British Channel 4 and the producer Charlie Bullock made sure to feature the utility of this camera along with the fact that how contemporary technology was reconstructing and destructing the humanity simultaneously.

TV Series of Black Mirror

With the course of time, Campark addressed the need of good game camera by launching the T30, T40, T45 and T70 game and hunting cameras which made monitoring of wild animals and illegal human intervention in restricted forest areas possible. Not only adults but also kids too were offered the kids camera while parents could make use of the baby monitoring camera to keep eye on their children.  

Campark's 10-Year Challenge- Comparing 2009 vs.2019

Apart from action sports and monitoring of animals, the ACT20 camera during the period of 2012-13 also came to be known as Fire Cam as the Illinois Fire Department made use of these cameras on their helmets to record the fire scenario and rescue mission.

In this tech-era, while Campark has Helmet Cameras for various actions apart from dash cameras, trail cameras, and baby cameras, there are also Gun Cameras for paintball and shotgun games.