Get a glimpse of the natural world through the lens of a trail camera. In this post, we showcase some of the most amazing and unexpected images and videos captured by these powerful tools and discuss what they reveal about the behavior of the animals.

Trail cameras are fixed in trees or other static locations for long periods to open a window into the natural world to humans without disturbing the presence of animals. Therefore, the location determines your shooting and purpose. For example, if you need to find out which animal visits your bird feeder at night, it should be facing your bird feeder area. If you're interested in seeing backyard wildlife, try areas where animals are likely to visit: along a stream or pond, a game trail, or near a den or den. If you are more interested in shooting wild animals, "Recommended locations for Trail Cameras", this article may help you.

Incredible moments captured on trail camera

CSC1949: “Received my Campark T100 4K WiFi Trail Camera on the third day after placing the order. It was brand new and well packaged, with no damage. I wanted a trail camera that would take high-resolution pics and videos of the wildlife in the lake at the edge of our back yard and this camera works well for that purpose. Max still image dimension is 6320x4736 pixels, 72dpi, and the video frame width is 3840x2160, 30fps. The original sample pic and video I uploaded for this review look very good on my computer. They may have been reduced in size during the upload process. The menu and control buttons are easy to use. The full-size SD card is appreciated versus the microSD cards, which can be hard to find if dropped! The app is useful for checking the view from the camera on your phone. Pictures on the camera can be viewed on your phone, and selected pics and videos can be downloaded from the camera to your phone if desired. The camera works well as described.”

TM H.:” The quality of the pictures is great. The night shots are black and white but crystal clear. You can see my cat walking across the porch. In one video, you could even hear the whip-o-wills. It was able to catch the dog in mid-jump. I have a couple of Campark trail cams. I'm never disappointed. This one has the wifi on it. I like that because I don't have to get the camera down and all to get the pictures off it. Easy to use even for someone who isn't tech-savvy. This one has the connectors at the top (really mounting holes) so that you can put the solar pack on it. I like that feature as the solar pack helps with the battery life. This camera is totally waterproof and very rugged. The back has little spikes on it so that it holds onto trees better. I also like the fact that it has a way to lock the camera so that someone cannot open it and get the card out of it. This is probably my favorite trail cam. I would highly recommend it to anyone.”>>>Campark T85 WiFi Bluetooth 24MP 1296P trail Camera.

James C.:” For me, it's a great outdoor trail camera to buy for a garden or outdoor space. I can keep a direct eye on my pets. Highly Recommend!”>>>Campark T180/TC08 4K 46MP Solar Panel WiFi Bluetooth Trail Game Camera

Sasha F.:” I like the starlight night vision of Campark's TC06! ! ! ! Super awesome! I installed it on the road to monitor cars and passersby at different periods and found a lot of interesting things. The only thing I regret is that this camera doesn't come with a memory card, I need to buy one myself.”

“This is a story of a trail camera and the wildlife behavior observed around the passage of Ian. First, let me say we got off light from Hurricane Ian with sustained tropical storm force winds and flooding rainfall, but nothing like the destructive winds and storm surge experienced on the southwest Florida coast. The Campark TC06 Trail Camera was on the ground and underwater at least twice over 5 weeks and finally broke off its mount. After cleaning, drying, and putting the TC06 back together I tested it out and it worked fine in all scenarios. The battle-scarred camera is back in use.”----MyBackyardBirding

Kevin:” Best trail cam in the market! If you're in the market for a high-quality trail camera/security camera for your property or trail in general look no further! This camera is insane! Solar power so no need to drive hours out of your way to replace batteries. 4G cell network coverage so you can connect to it from anywhere using their APP! Huge built-in battery for those nonsunny days and even includes a tree strap. I'd suggest setting it up high up and I'm a decreet area to prevent anyone from stealing it. Hides pretty well in our backyard trees with the camouflage they used.”>>>Campark TC17 4G LTE Cellular Solar PTZ Trail Camera & Security Camera With SIM Card

Wild boar photographed in the rain with a Campark T300/TC02 solar powered trail camera.

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