1: Immediateness of shooting

  This can also be called the fleeting moment of shooting. Have you ever been online at home, turned around and found that the cat in the family made a cute action and expression, immediately reached for the mobile phone to take a picture, and already in your head you put this photo on the po After Weibo was reposted by users like crazy, then picked up the phone and found that the Meow Star has returned to the usual lazily squinting his eyes and conveying the phrase "stupid human!" With disdainful eyes.

If you have a sports camera, you can avoid this embarrassment. The angle of view of the action camera worn on the body is basically the same as the sight of the wearer. Then the above scene becomes like this: I have a sports camera on the Internet at home, I turn my head and find that the cat in the home has made a cute action and expression, immediately press the camera button on the body, A photo has been stored in your action camera waiting for your "Lin Xing", and the Meow Star shyly walked away, telling the phrase "hate, take another picture!"

2: The fragility of traditional cameras


It's not that the quality of traditional cameras is poor, it's just a product that only pursues "better shooting effect", and it doesn't require the ability to work normally in extreme environments like action cameras. So in many cases, traditional cameras are very fragile.

For example, shooting at the seaside may be fine with a little water, but what kind of tragedy will happen when the sand and gravel mixed in the waves meets the camera? Another example is an accidental fall in life, falling off the toilet, washing in a pocket, washing with a washing machine, arguing with his wife, falling off the camera, and being scratched by claws of a curious cat [well, the last one is messy.] In short, if these scenes occur in sports No problem on the camera!

3: the flexibility of shooting angle


Dear lying on the ground, you are pretty hard to take pictures.
Wireless real-time surveillance cameras view live content and can operate any function. No more wiping the floor with clothes for special angles.
Of course, it not only meets the special framing angle shooting, but also can use your imagination to use the small and light sports camera that can not be easily detected. No matter if you pretend to wear the camera on your body or put it on the table, look down and pretend to play mobile phones to complete the candid photo. Both humans and cats and dogs who have been photographed can look very natural and undetectable.

4: The inevitability of special use scenarios

Needless to say this, sports cameras are born for this. Skiing, cycling, skydiving, diving and aerial photography are all there.