Whether you are a renter or a home buyer, the most important thing that you should consider when choosing a definite place to live is the security of your address. Home security is very important as according to some actual findings, different burglaries are happening every day. This blog will give tips to enhance the security of your housing in several ways, if you are a new tenant, knowing these home security tips can be effective in improving the security of your apartment, if you are moving into a new home, these measures will protect the security of your new home.

Tips for Enhancing Housing Security

Assess the Safety of the Housing Neighborhood

When you want to move into a new rental apartment, you should check the safety conditions of the rental neighborhood in advance, such as the crime rate in the area where the apartment is located, the floor of the apartment, the lighting outside the apartment at night, the entrance to the apartment, etc. If the conditions permit, it is best to choose an apartment with full security, neat floors and windows, and plenty of outdoor light for your stay.

Tips for Enhancing Housing Security

Establishing an Apartment Security System

If you are already living in an apartment or have just moved in, the most effective way to enhance your apartment security is to establish a comprehensive apartment security system. Your new home or rental should have some sort of advanced security system. Common residential security systems include motion sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, smart locks, panic buttons, and more, and users can choose from a variety of apartment security devices depending on their budget and level of protection needs. For example, the Campark DB20 Doorbell Camera protects every part of the entrance with a 166° wide-angle monitoring range. As soon as someone enters the monitored area of the doorway, an alert notification is immediately pushed to your phone. Protect your home security at all times.

Tips for Enhancing Housing Security

Setting up Privacy Protection

Users can install blinds or curtains on windows that help hide valuables from prying eyes. Burglars, because they can't see what's inside, don't know if a break-in is worth the time and risk, or what they'll find once they're inside. And it's more difficult to tell if someone is home.

Check the Laws About Security Cameras in Your Area

Users can install home security cameras in their apartments. However, you need to check if there are any restrictions in the local laws and regulations about installing security cameras before installing them. This is because security cameras may violate the privacy of individuals inside and outside the apartment. The law may dictate where and how you can place cameras to protect the privacy of your neighbors and others. Or maybe the building you live in has exclusive security camera rules or protocols. Violating these rules could lead to a dispute with your landlord or property manager.

Tips for Enhancing Housing Security

Installing Security Cameras

If your area allows users to install security cameras, it is recommended that they install a security camera with a mobile app to ensure that they can view their home security surveillance in real-time, anytime, anywhere. For those on a budget, a compact and easy-to-install wireless security camera can be chosen to ensure that users have the flexibility to install it anywhere.

Improve the Security of Your Home Wireless Network

Home wireless network is an important node of the intelligent security monitoring system, successful access to home WiFi can be direct access to the homeowner's personal and financial information, to prevent criminals can directly accessing your home security situation, you can improve the security of the home wireless network by adopting the hints and tips that we have given to effectively prevent hackers from intruding into the home network.

  • Install antivirus and anti-malware protection
  • Rename and hide your home wireless network
  • Enable WPA or WPA2 for encryption protection
  • Use a virtual private network
  • Create strong passwords
Tips for Enhancing Housing Security

Improve Window Protection

Dr.Pete Canavan, a famous foreign burglary expert, said that "windows are a common point of entry for criminals", which means that windows are a very weak link in the apartment. This creates a security risk. Users can increase the security of their windows by adding locks, which are an effective way to ward off intruders. In addition, you can also improve the security of your windows by taking the following measures. For example, reinforcing the glass with window security film, adding window bars, and installing window sensors or glass breakage sensors.

Enhanced Lighting Intensity

Because intruders don't like to be known as the center of attention, indoor and outdoor lighting conditions can be effective in preventing criminals from violating home security. Adequate lighting conditions can be disconcerting to intruders, making it more difficult for them to approach an apartment to commit a burglary.Adding the right amount of lighting to a yard or doorway will allow a home security monitoring system to capture a clearer, more colorful picture.

Additionally, users can use timers to improve home security, and even if you're not in the apartment, timers can help turn on the TV or radio to create the appearance that someone is home. Following the lighting fixtures with motion sensors saves energy on lights and ensures that if a suspicious person appears in the surveillance area, the lights will automatically turn on to scare off the intruder.


Tips for Enhancing Housing Security

Adding Security Equipment to Apartment Doors

Apartment doors are the first line of defense against intruders, and a highly secured apartment door can be an effective way to keep your home safe. To prevent intruders from entering through the front door, there are several effective ways to strengthen your apartment door. For example, installing latch locks, using long screws to fix the latch plate, adding peepholes, etc. After taking these methods, users need to carefully check the exterior apartment door when they go out to make sure the door frame is strong and the hinges can be effectively protected.

Be Friendly to Neighbors and Landlords

Building friendly relationships with neighbors is a great way to build an overall safe community that can help each other out in case of an emergency. Landlords are responsible for the overall security and maintenance of the property, and building a good relationship with them can help users take proactive security measures to ensure their safety if they have specific security concerns.


From traditional security gadgets to modern smart security systems, there are many ways for users to enhance the security of their housing. You can make a plan to choose the most appropriate strategy according to your actual situation. Being aware of potential security risks and taking action as soon as possible is the main way to ensure the safety of your home and loved ones, and the key to addressing security risks is a combination of vigilance, technology, and professional support.