Everyday in the news and newspaper we hear of more burglaries, home invasions and personal crimes.

Thieves are coming into homes, not only when the home owner is not there, but many times when they are. Making these break ins more and more dangerous. There are some cameras avail to help up fight back against the crimes and these dangerous criminals.

We all are familiar with the word “Game Camera”…. but do you know you can use it more than just finding a game. Yes, it’s true!


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We use the trail camera while hunting for capturing photos and videos of wildlife. But nowadays it’s not all about hunting, you can use it for security purpose also.

Now the question is “why not just buy a CCTV camera?”. You can buy a CCTV cam, but why to buy if you are getting the better services at reasonable price.

Here we have a key points for you to know how you can use a game cam for the security….

Detect burglars:

Most burglars who notice you have an outdoor video system installed around the house will think twice before entering. They will rather target the neighbour house that doesn't have such a system.

To Catch a Thief - Use a Security Trail Camera

So, its very important to identify your suspect, so that later you can easily find out what kind of trail cam is suitable for your home.  If your problem is a trespasser or a weird stranger looking near your place, then you can choose from the different types of No Flash Trail Cameras.

Also, it has an impressive function which is a fast trigger speed makes sure each detected movement is documented in real time. You are guaranteed to never miss any of the action.

Feeling of safety:


 Security Trail Camera


A lot of people buy a security system to feel safer. Even if the neighbourhood they live have a lot of security. Having there cameras in and around the house helps a lot of people sleep stress free at night.

Catch vandals:

Vandalism is a crime that can be very frustrating for the victims. Leading to even more frustration. Vandalism can range from knocking down mailboxes, scratching vehicles, vandalizing plants and trees or on the driveway. But with the help of trail cam, you can caught the vandal red handedly.

Some of trail cameras have a waterproof feature also, that protects your hunting camera from rain and dust damage. So, the hunt cam can easily protect your outdoor compound from the vandals in tough conditions also.

Video Feature:

Not all trail cameras come with this feature, but many are avail in the market. Make sure that the options you want the video feature to have are checked on your list.

Some cameras can captures 14 Mega Pixel crystal images and  1080P FHD video recording ensure every details will be captured.

Selecting the Right Trail Camera For You:

Choosing the perfect trail camera is no easy task. There are many different features available on a hunt camera that you may or may not want. 

Trail cameras aren't only for capturing pictures. They are also for capturing video. If you want to capture video with your trail camera then you will need to get one with a video capturing feature. Some of these cameras will claim to have a video feature, but they barely have one. It's really pretty worthless on a lot of models. If it is important to you to get a cam with a video feature, then make this a priority during your purchasing.


wifi trail camera in the rain


Campark Trail Camera has a unique feature and is appropriate for monitoring any suspicious cars that park late at night in front of your yard. This game camera features time stamp including Date/Moon Phase/Temperature, Timer, Realtime Replay, Hybrid Mode, Interval Recording, bringing this camera to multiple applications beyond your expectation. Also, its very easy to install.

This camera can capture every moments by using infrared flash illumination technology equipped with 44pcs LEDs. You can get clear pictures of anybody in darkness without the person realizes its being captured.

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Your house and property may have many different alarm and security needs, and you need effective solutions. It is important to study the structure of your home so you can figure out which places are the best to set your game camera up. The time is now to be proactive not reactive.