With the popularization and use of hunting cameras, more and more people are aware of the joy and practicality of using hunting cameras when observing wildlife. Because most hunting cameras are set to trigger automatically and emit very little noise, they are ideal for use outdoors to observe and track the movement of wildlife.

As technology continues to evolve and the performance of hunting cameras continues to improve, with even more advanced cameras expected to be released in the next year, let's take a look at some of Campark's best hunting cameras for 2023. This blog will start from all aspects of the product performance, combined with the user's experience to make a comprehensive description, to give customers a real and objective analysis of the product.

The Best Trail Camera of 2023

Appearance and Color

The color of the exterior of a hunting camera may seem like a very minor detail, but considering that many people use hunting cameras to prevent them from being stolen or easily found and destroyed by wildlife, the color of the exterior of the camera is a critical factor in designing an exterior that is generally solid, camouflage, or a color that is very similar to the trunk of a tree.

The Campark TC22 uses camouflage color, which is highly compatible with forests, as the housing color, allowing this hunting camera to be used outdoors in a way that combines well with the color of tree trunks, ensuring that wildlife can be monitored for their movements and habits without their knowledge, and effectively preventing the camera from being easily detected and resulting in camera theft.

The Best Trail Camera of 2023

Megapixels and Image Quality

The pixels of a hunting camera are an important factor that affects the quality of the images captured by the camera, as the best way to measure the quality of the images and videos captured by a trail camera is to view the actual images captured by the camera. The Campark TC22 is designed with a high-quality Sony IMX458 High Sensor and a 6-layer glass wide-angle lens, which is designed to capture both day and night 4K HD raw video and 60MP super clear images, you can see the shape of wildlife, behavioral trajectory and so on very clearly.

The Best Trail Camera of 2023

Trigger Speed

When the camera detects activity within its monitoring range, it activates the camera to take a picture, which involves a reaction time called "trigger speed". For most people, the faster the camera's trigger speed means that more video and images can be captured without missing any details. This hunting camera has been tested and upgraded for a long time to achieve a very fast trigger speed of 0.1 seconds, which ensures that the camera can capture the movement of wildlife faster and more accurately, reducing the camera delay and capturing more exciting moments.

The Best Trail Camera of 2023


To better understand the behavior and habits of wildlife, you need to observe and monitor for a longer period, and the battery life of the camera is the most critical factor, the long battery life of the tracking camera can reduce the number of times users frequently go to replace the battery, which will help to better record the monitoring of the target's movement trajectory. Campark TC22 Hunting Camera with a built-in high-capacity battery of 4400mAh, this camera adopts advanced technology to ensure that the camera can capture the movement of wildlife more accurately, and capture more exciting moments. Plus this camera adopts the advanced solar integration design, which converts solar energy into electricity to power the camera, providing stable power for the camera, ensuring that the camera can work stably for a long time outdoors, avoiding frequent battery replacements and long battery life.

The Best Trail Camera of 2023

Night Vision Capability

Want a more comprehensive understanding of the behavioral trajectory of the monitoring target, the night activity is also an essential part of the process, but most of the cameras work at night, it will produce a more obvious infrared night vision light, which will lead to disturbing the wildlife and miss the opportunity to record.

Another point to consider is the quality of the images taken by the camera at night and whether they can clearly show all the details of the wildlife. Considering the level of disturbance to wildlife and night vision, Campark has completely upgraded this TC22 with a dual-lens design that specializes in working at night with a night vision lens, which helps in capturing clear images and videos at night. The camera has a starlight night vision feature that allows the camera to capture color images even in low light conditions, providing a better nighttime viewing experience. The two 850nm low-glow night vision lights built into the camera ensure that the glow emitted by the camera while working at night will not cause interference to wildlife, which helps the camera work better at night.

In addition to the above-mentioned aspects, this tracking camera also features APP control, IP66-rated waterproof design, and customization features. At the end of this blog, we will include the basic specifications of this camera, and user reviews of the camera to ensure a more comprehensive and realistic presentation of the product itself to consumers.


  • Pixels: 60MP during the day (right lens), 8MP at night (left lens)
  • Motion detection: PIR infrared light, effective distance 20 meters
  • Night vision mode: black and white night vision / starlight night vision
  • Charging: 5V 1A Type-C port/1W solar energy
  • Battery: 2 18650 lithium batteries, 4400mAh capacity
  • Audio: recordable
  • Storage: SD card (not included, maximum support 128G, note: card speed requires U3 or above)
  • Waterproof grade: IP66
  • Networking method: WiFi hotspot direct connection
  • Installation method: strap installation (including two straps)
  • Application: Wildlife Cam
The Best Trail Camera of 2023
The Best Trail Camera of 2023
The Best Trail Camera of 2023
The Best Trail Camera of 2023