While monitoring and studying animals, or tracking games for hunting, a trail camera is all you need, especially if the surrounding is rugged and wild. It is not viable to carry your binoculars and DSLRs in the forest or grasslands where external factors can damage the delicate parts. To help you out, Campark has launched its range of trail cameras and among those, the T150 2K 30MP Trail Camera can be easily regarded as the top trail camera for its unmatched image and video footages.


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What makes Campark a pioneer in the trail camera market is its introduction to solar powered cameras that do not depend on non-renewable energy. Here are the features that make the T150 a game-changer in monitoring game species –


Rechargeable With Solar Panel


As a revolutionary innovation, the Campark T150 camera comes with solar panels attached on top of it so that it can get recharged with solar energy throughout the day. If you are wondering about cloudy or snowy weather or charging the wildlife camera at night, worry no more as there is an in-built battery of 4400 mAh capacity.


Campark T150 Solar Powered Trail Camera 2K Native 30MP WiFi Bluetooth Game  Camera – Campark - Focus on Cameras


By converting the solar energy stored during daytime into electricity, the battery acts as a backup power source for continued power supply even in the absence of the sun and saves lots of batteries.


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30MP image and 2K Video Resolutions


The game camera offers sharp and detailed images of 30MP resolution once it detects a movement. The 2K video resolution ensures remarkable video quality in MP4 format so that it is compatible with any video player. The T150 camera offers vibrant pictures and video during daytime and sharp black and white footage at night.


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Wide Field Of View And Fast Trigger Speed


Campark T150 covers a wide area of 120-degree field of view that reduces blind spots. At the same time, this wildlife camera comes with super fast shutter speed of 0.2 second with recovery time of only 0.8 seconds so that no precious moment is lost during continuous shooting. The fast trigger proves to be extremely helpful for wildlife enthusiasts, farm owners and hunters who need superior motion detection.


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Waterproofing And Night Vision


As the best trail camera 2022, the T150 is certified with 1P66 rated waterproofing that makes it suitable to use in rain or shine, snow or dust effortlessly without the risk of damaging the camera or the footage captured. At the same time, black and white video can be captured at night with the 36 pieces of 850nm infrared LEDs that will work stealthily so that animals do not be bothered.


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Universal Connectivity And App Support


Just download the Game Camera Pro app on your Android or iOS device and you can access the images and videos captured by the camera easily without taking off the game trail camera from its mount. The Bluetooth function lets you download and preview pictures and videos while the Wi-Fi hotspot of the camera lets you share footages over the internet.


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The T150 camera also supports audio recording and can be recharged with the USB cable through a power bank or laptop power supply. You can also capture time lapse videos in the time interval set and get ten continuous shots captured by selecting the continuous shooting option.