Have you been looking for the best trail camera 2022 and stumbled upon the Campark T280 model with solar panel? Well, you are at the right place because with the superb features that surpass other cameras, the Campark T180 has been considered as the winner. So, what makes this camera better than others? As for starters, it comes with the non-detachable solar panel that is a pioneering innovation in trail camera industry by Campark.

While promoting renewable source of energy and an eco-friendly approach, the T180 camera offers unmatched images and videos with 36 MP and 4K resolutions respectively. Talk about industry standards, the Campark T180 fits into all criteria –


Campark T180 solar camera


No Need To Solely Rely On Batteries


If self-sufficiency was concerned, the Campark T180 game camera would stand ahead in the line for being self-contained with the solar panel. The non-removable panel works throughout the daytime, utilizing the solar energy and converting it into electricity that the batteries can utilize. Yes, the camera comes with built-in AA lithium batteries of 4400 mAh power and with resistance against low temperature so that you can use in freezing cold.


Sharp 36 MP and 4K Footages Ensured


While most of other game trail camera models stick to the 1080P or 2K resolution, the Campark T180 offers sharp 4K video resolution so that the footages can be displayed on large screen or can be used in print media simultaneously. Same goes for the image resolution of 36MP that ensures detailed vibrant images during the day and black and white images in the night. While the images are in JPG format, the videos are in MP4 format to make sure that the footages can be played in different players.


Campark T180 solar camera


High Definition Night Vision Offered


With 36 pieces of 850nm infrared LEDs, a smart illumination technology is offered by the camera. The advanced night vision of Campark T180 wildlife camera ensures reduced blur and better detailing than other night tracking cameras so that even though you get monochrome footages, those are clear and crisp.


Campark T180 solar camera


Super Fast Shutter Speed With Wide Angle Support


The Campark T180 comes with three PIR sensors that support a wide motion detection angle of 120-degree within which no minute movement gets missed. At the same time, it has ultra fast 0.1 second trigger speed that has recovery time of only 0.5 seconds that comes handy in wildlife monitoring, photography, outdoor hunting, farm monitoring and so on.

Campark T180 solar camera


Time Lapse And Continuous Shooting Supported


 As the top trail camera, the Campark T180 lets you capture time lapse videos by setting the time interval, during which the camera automatically records the video at each interval seamlessly. All you need to do is turn on the function and you can capture the sequences like plant growth, flower blooming, clouds dispersing, sun rising or setting and so on. The camera also supports you to take ten consecutive shots and numbering them in ascending system.


If you are still not convinced about this camera being the best in class, you should know that it is certified as a waterproof camera with IP66 rating. The T180 model also has Bluetooth function while it acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot for smooth image viewing, sharing and playing footages on your Smartphone by installing the Game Camera Pro app.