Have you ever sighed after taking a whirlwind bungee jumping or sky diving session or surfing through the waves or skiing through deep snow, wishing that you had a camera to capture the blood-pumping sensation? Obviously, holding a camera while you are enjoying an adventure does not make any sense! Your answer lies in the action camera that will be able to assist you through wind, rain, snow and water without missing any moment of the adventure sports so that you can relive in those moments time and again.

Do you need any more reason to buy one? Definitely yes!

Let’s know why your latest adventure is incomplete without an action camera:

  • Sturdy And Waterproof

Have you considered the idea of going for a snorkeling dive with your high-end DSLR or even better, holding on it as your dear life while balancing your body with the water? Underwater photography or biking in the rain will be more fun than before with action cameras having remote control, POV Perspective and wide angle lens to give that fisheye effect you have always wanted. The waterproof casing also adds to the waterproofing features. As for sturdiness, be it extreme heat or freezing cold, heavy snowfall or incessant rain, the action camera from Campark can withstand any weather conditions and any external blow.    

  • Wide Angle High Quality Photos

With 12-14 megapixels stuffed in a picture, even the break-neck actions will be easily captured and that too in great quality with the almost 180-degree wide angle lens of the top action camera. From golfing to hiking, mountain climbing to windsurfing and more, you will get the fish-eye effect on high quality images with the camera. At 30 fps shutter speed these point and shoot cameras will bring out the best of your adventure, something that even the top DSLR cameras will fail to do due to their incompatibility with different environments.   

  • Easily Mountable

Each camera is compatible with different mounting options like suction cups, clamps, elastic bands etc. While the handlebar mounts will be perfect for motorcycling and biking, on windshields and fiberglass helmets the suction cups and clamp mounts will work best. Your Campark camera can be mounted on your backpack or helmet, tied around shoulder, wrist, chest or head or just held in hand according to your comfort.

  • Small And Low Weight

Easily held inside your fist and lighter like a phone charger –the size and weight are what make the cameras so special regarding their portability. Looking just like a kid’s toy, these sturdy yet light models are safe in a kid’s hands and won’t even increase any weight of your overall luggage. While you are enjoying an adrenaline-surging adventure, you need exactly something which is light and small enough not to make you concerned with holding it.

  • HD Videos Without Shake

A digital camera for video capturing needs at least 1080p video resolution so that the quick action does not become marred with too much of motion blur and skipped frames. The 4K video resolution is now ruling the market with 30 fps shutter speed to remove any shake and almost the same effect can be obtained with 120 fps speed for 1080p resolution.

Regardless of your adventure, the action cameras never fail to capture any moment and with their extensive mounting options available with the main camera, installing them at your convenience is easier!

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