Many people think that the baby monitor is an optional tool. It costs dozens of dollars to buy a monitor. The frequency of use is not high, the battery consumption is fast, and it is not convenient to carry. It is not cost-effective.

But who doesn't have an emergency and has to leave the baby temporarily?

Bathing, going to the toilet, cooking, and doing housework, mothers want to keep their baby on their body 24 hours to ensure safety. As your baby grows older, the feasibility of “carrying it with you” also drops dramatically. A baby monitor can ensure that the baby is always within our sight to the greatest extent, thereby avoiding small accidents. Use your baby monitor flexibly and make it a weapon with a baby.

The role of the monitor
Monitor your baby's sleep

Small-month-old babies sleep irregularly. It is common to wake up. After having the ability to move, they turn over and continue to sleep. After you master your baby's sleep pattern, you can almost determine whether your baby is waking up quickly and successfully receiving it by using your breathing frequency.

The baby monitor can clearly hear the baby's breathing sound, a little bit of movement is very sensitive, your baby's every move is in your eyes, helping you to reduce interference as much as possible, and most effectively guarantee the baby's sleep quality.

For babies sleeping alone, you don't have to get up one night to check if the baby kicks the quilt many times; when you accompany the baby to sleep, comfort the baby to sleep, and then turn on the monitoring, you can also leave safely.

❷ Good helper for housework

Can the monitor help with housework? For families with babies, it is really a good helper for housework.

How many mothers have had the experience of putting their babies in a fence and watching their babies while cooking to ensure their safety?
But how can the baby cooperate well, either secretly gagging the toy or trying to "jailbreak" out of the fence.
The result was that the mother dropped the spatula in her hand and rushed to the baby to stop the dangerous behavior. The baby cried and the food became mushy.

A more feasible method is to place the baby on the floor in an empty room to ensure that there are no dangerous items in the room. Set up monitoring in the corner of the room so that the baby can be seen through monitoring when the baby moves to any corner of the room. Have fun, you can also cook and do housework with peace of mind.

❸ Travel helper

Should I take surveillance with my baby when traveling?
Believe me, this will help you a lot. Unless you can guarantee enough manpower, you can stare at your baby in turns.

Otherwise, it ’s really inconvenient to go out when you ca n’t bring a bed rail and your baby is unwilling to sleep in a crib.

I personally experienced that when the baby was one year and five months old, I took her to travel and live with friends. There are no babies in my friend's house, and no cribs or guardrails.

When traveling, you have to pack lightly and ensure safety. The safety seat is already carried. It is impossible to bring a bed rail, so the monitor is a good choice.

I accompany my baby to sleep in the afternoon every day, worrying that she will wake up and dare not leave, and do not want to miss a good opportunity to tell the old with her friends. While drinking tea and chatting, pay attention to the baby's movements, without delay on both sides.

❹ Anti-theft and anti-thief

The baby has grown up and does not need real-time monitoring. Then don't just sit idle and use it as a home monitor to prevent thieves.

In addition to comparing prices, you need to consider some basic attributes, such as picture sound quality, radio sensitivity, signal receiving range, whether it is convenient to carry, whether night vision is available, and other extra features such as low battery reminder and action Detection, temperature and humidity display, white noise and more.

Reasons to recommend campark BM40 baby camera


  • 🎄【4.3” Screen & 2.4GHz Encrypted Transmission】Campark BM40 baby monitor is featured with camera and audio. You can not only hear your baby easily but also see your baby clearly through the 4.3” large LCD screen. The baby monitor uses 2.4G FHSS signal transmission technology, no Wifi required, to protect your privacy and your baby’s safety.
  • 🔔【Advanced Split Screen】BM40 video baby monitor can support two cameras at the same time. You can monitor two children or rooms side by side with the additional camera and won’t miss any new motions and cute behaviors of them any more.( Additional camera is sold separately.)
  • 🎄【Auto Night Vision & Voice Activation】When baby camera sensor detects the room is dark, the baby monitor will be switched to night vision automatically. You can check quickly if your baby is comfortable and don’t need to get up at the deep night. Adjust the VOX sensitivity (low/medium/high) which will wake up the baby monitor immediately when it detects cries, babbles or fusses. Sound activated LED bar for better situation awareness in the dark, or when screen is OFF.
  • 🔔【Two-way Talk & 8 Soft Lullabies】With the enhanced two-way talk back communication technology, you can calm and comfort your baby with your own voice. There are also 8 soft lullabies in the baby monitor which can help sing your baby to sleep.