You will need a clear view of all the wildlife around you if you are a hunter or an observer of wildlife. The Campark Trail Game Camera has sensors that detect movement and can take high-definition photos or videos to aid you in monitoring the field.

If you've ever used a trail cam before, you know how frustrating it is to look through your camera and find empty images. Even though you know someone was there (if you're using the camera for security reasons).


campark trail camera

The Campark T45 is a great option if you're looking for a trail cam that can reduce frustration.

A quick glance at the Campark Trail Game Camera:

This is a quick overview of the best features and drawbacks of the model trail camera.


  • 20MP Camera with 120deg Wide-Angle Lens
  • Audio 1080p video recording
  • Three passive infrared (PIR), motion sensors that provide a 120deg detection angle to the camera
  • Rapid trigger speed of 0.3 seconds
  • Amazing price
  • Shorter trigger time - 3PIR
  • Multifunctionality
  • Increased sensitivity with passive infrared sensors
  • You can view photos and videos right from your unit
  • Waterproof, sturdy construction
  • Password protected


campark trail camera


The trail camera can be set up to perform the task you require. This camera can be used in many situations, including wildlife observation and home security. It can detect larger animals and vehicles up to 50 feet away, while smaller animals can be detected from 20-30 feet.

This camera can provide high quality photos and videos when viewed from the right angle. The detecting function will perform at its best due to the adjustable sensibility. The sensors can detect any movement within range. This device can capture both running animals at night and daytime with a speed of 0.3s. The license plates of cars can also be seen.


campark trail camera



This game camera has the advantage of being waterproof and durable. Camouflage is ideal for outdoor activities. If you're buying it for surveillance purposes, you can paint the camouflage design to match your house.

The life of a battery depends on whether it is used with four or eight batteries. You will need 1.5V AA batteries. The device can be kept indefinitely for six months.


campark trail camera


Trail cameras that have a trigger speed less than half a second are considered fast. The Campark T45's 0.3 second trigger time is very fast. It will be difficult for anything to escape detection due to the combination of the wide-angle lens and fast trigger speed.



This camera's best feature was its password protection mode. This feature will protect your SD card contents. If the camera is lost or stolen, no one will be able to view your photos and videos.

The 3PIR is another distinctive feature of this device. This contrasts with the 1PIR on some cameras. It is capable of taking photos faster than other cameras. The higher the speed, consumes less the battery. Cameras will only initiate triggers when sensors detect movement in the field.


campark trail camera


The Campark T45's price is one of its greatest strengths. The Campark T45 is an affordable camera that is also very reasonable compared to other trail cameras.

This wildlife camera covers almost the same ground as three traditional trail cameras, increasing its value.



The T45 is able to cover almost three times as much ground than other trail cameras thanks to its 120deg wide detection angle, 120deg field with wide-angle lens and 120deg field view. It makes it easier to decide where your trail camera should be pointed as you set it up.