Is GoPro really necessary with $80 Campark available? Let's look at the prospects of the development about current action camera and find some clues related to this topic.
Over the years, GoPro is considered the best action camera in the market. They had been the number one choice for thrill-seekers, athletes, and just anyone who like to capture video while they are on the move. The brand became Silicon Valley's favorite in 2014. However after earlier stock price crashing by over 20 percent, GoPro has again cheered Wall Street by pledging to slash its workforce by 15 percent, shut down the entertainment division and refocus on action cameras and drones. But the moves are no panacea.

From a Silicon Valley's darling, to the nose dive now. What happened?

Let’s start with some example :


Here are listings from world’s largest online shopping website: Amazon. They are from Yi Camera and Campark, You can see the obvious fact, GoPro is selling its product at a significantly higher price than other brand, yet gain no higher customer rating or better sale numbers. Which means that these $200 Yi cameras, even the $70 Campark cameras have satisfied customers in some way as the GoPro does.
That is the GoPro’s problem, Nick Woodman doesn’t see the changes in today’s market, He is selling his camera at an unreasonable price regardless of the rival products. Although the whole system GoPro cameras operate on is not cutting edge technology. With the development of technology and more company getting in this business, the action camera is becoming more and more affordable, and nowadays it is no longer exclusive to extreme players, more of a normal gadget for ordinary people.
You might question the quality and functions of those cheap cameras, I have taken some customer review from Campark’s camera:
As this buyers said: 80% Gopro but 15% only of the price.
How could GoPro sell his Hero 5 at $400 when his rival camera could do almost everything a HERO does and charge only $70?
This is Gopro’s real problem, developing technology is making action camera more and more normal and affordable, GoPro should not keep selling his non-surprising cameras at this incredible price. Or he can give us something new, something amazing, something mind-blowing, That is the style to support its price.

Now let's take a look at the difference between Campar and gopro

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