Security cameras are the most important component of any security surveillance system, but during use, they may be subject to some limitations due to the quality of the lens that comes with the camera itself. To more clearly record the areas we want to monitor, this blog mainly describes how to improve security cameras and provides consumers with some suggestions on how to improve security cameras.

What Is Video Quality?

Video quality refers to the characteristics of video that have passed through a video transmission or processing system such that the perceived quality of the video is degraded compared to the original video. The video processing system may produce a certain amount of distortion or artifacts during the introduction of video signals, which will negatively affect the user's perception of video quality, so ensuring and improving video quality is a very important task.

What Is Resolution?

The resolution of a home security surveillance system refers to the number of pixels the camera can capture using images or videos. Generally displayed as 1080P or 4K, the resolution is mainly measured in vertical and horizontal pixels. The higher the resolution of a security camera, the better the quality of images and video captured by the camera.

Why Is My Security Camera Video Quality Poor?

When the video quality of a security camera is disturbed or blurred, it can be checked by checking the lighting conditions of the surveillance area, the focal length and resolution of the camera lens, the speed of the internet connection, and other factors. See if your camera's video quality improves by trying to adjust these settings.

In addition, if the user uses a cable that is too long or does not use an extender, the quality of the video may degrade as the security camera transmits the video to the recorder.

Security cameras are the most important component of any security surveillance system

What Factors Will Affect The Video Quality Of Security Cameras?

Sensor Size

The size of the sensor built into a security camera is a key factor in capturing images and videos, and larger sensors have a higher level of ability to capture light, which can further improve the camera's low-light performance and dynamic range.

Lighting Conditions

Outside lighting conditions also have a great impact on the quality of video captured by security cameras. In insufficient lighting, images may appear grainy and unclear, reducing video quality. Low light or low light conditions will hurt the camera's ability to capture details and reduce noise. In addition, when the camera performs monitoring and recording under strong light conditions, the image may fade and details may be blurred. When the camera is installed, it is necessary to prevent strong light from directly shining on the camera.


Security cameras will capture a large number of video images during use. For efficient storage and fast transmission, the camera lens will perform video compression, resulting in the loss of image details and video clarity, resulting in a decrease in the overall video quality.

Image Processing Technology

Noise reduction technology can reduce unnecessary particles that appear in videos and improve video quality. The enhancement of the camera's dynamic range ensures clear visibility of the camera lens, effectively balances light and shadow, and improves the overall quality of the video.

How To Make Security Camera Video Data More Secure?

  • To protect the security and privacy of security cameras in your home or business, the most critical way is to enhance the security of the security camera lens.
  • Use a password-protected video management system (VMS). VMS can effectively prevent unauthorized intrusion into security cameras by external factors.
  • Using cloud storage. The video footage recorded by the camera is saved to cloud storage, which can ensure that there is no risk of data loss in the event of physical damage to the camera.
  • Use encryption when storing or transmitting: When the camera data is stored in the SD card or cloud storage, it can use a special encryption design, and no one can access the video data stored in it without permission.

How To Improve The Video Quality Of Security Cameras Working In The Dark?

Increase Visible Light

When the security camera cannot record color images, users can add visible light to enhance the monitoring effect of the security camera at night. Moreover, the additional visible light can distribute the light more evenly in the area monitored by the camera, so that the camera can record nighttime activities more clearly.

Make Sure There Is No Glare In The Monitoring Field Of View

When installing a security camera, it is necessary to ensure that there is no direct strong light on the camera within the monitoring range of the camera, to prevent the camera from glare and blurred vision due to direct light. When the strong light cannot be avoided, the user can choose to install the camera on the side or behind the place where the strong light is emitted, to effectively avoid the adverse effects of the strong light on the camera.

Security cameras are the most important component of any security surveillance system

Clean The Camera Lens Or Glass Cover

Regardless of whether the camera is installed indoors or outdoors, it will be covered with dust and cause some blurring of the lens. Therefore, users need to clean the lens or glass cover of the camera regularly to make the camera's monitoring field of view clearer.

Reduce Or Eliminate The Extra Infrared Light

When you are using a security camera for surveillance tasks, if you allow extra infrared light to emit to the front of the camera, it may destroy the surveillance footage recorded by the camera in low light conditions or affect the images and videos captured by the camera at night. To capture clearer and smoother monitoring images at night, users should reduce and avoid using extra infrared light to prevent image damage at night.

Choose A Better Low-light Camera

When the user needs to monitor in an environment where the lighting is insufficient and it is difficult to increase visible light, it is necessary to purchase a security camera that can perform well in low-light or low-light conditions. These cameras can capture very clear videos and images in low light conditions by using more advanced and sensitive image sensors.

Keep A Good Internet Connection

Internet connection speed is also an important factor affecting video quality. When the network connection speed is slow, it may cause the monitoring screen to appear intermittent or the video quality to decline. Therefore, if you want a smoother and clearer monitoring screen, you need to ensure that the network connection speed is smooth and fast.

Which Security Cameras Can Shoot Video With Better Quality?

Campark SC15 Security Camera

Campark SC15 Security Camera

SC15 solar security monitoring system is a security camera mainly launched by Campark. This camera is 100% wirelessly installed. The combination of solar panels and built-in batteries allows the camera to work for a long time, which is more efficient and durable, eliminating the need for frequent disassembly and the hassle of charging.

  • This solar security camera uses a 4MP upgraded wide-angle lens to capture every detail within the surveillance range with high-definition 2K resolution, built-in infrared lights, and dual spotlights, providing high-definition color night vision effects.
  • Supports custom motion detection areas, with high accuracy and few false alarms. Through real-time alarms, you can understand the security situation within the monitoring range anytime, anywhere.
  • Supports Micro SD card and cloud storage, allowing you to choose the most suitable storage method according to your needs. Cloud storage can avoid the risk of data loss due to memory card damage.
Campark SC17 Security Camera

Campark SC17 Security Camera

SC17 security camera adopts an advanced sensor, which can shoot 4MP high-definition image quality so that users can see all the details within the monitoring range, and protect the safety of every part of the family.

  • There is a dedicated wireless connection between the NVR and the camera, which can ensure more stable, safer, and faster transmission of information, and the matching 500GB hard disk allows users to have enough memory space to store more videos.
  • The solar panel equipped with the camera can prolong the battery life of the camera and ensure that the camera can work normally and stably for a long time.
  • The built-in microphone and speaker of the camera support two-way communication, ensuring real-time communication with family members and visitors within the monitoring range. Support sharing the same security camera with friends and family to share beautiful moments.
  • The wireless home security camera system supports external displays and does not require any network connection for local viewing.