Hunting a game species is all about patience and skill while experience is the key. If you live in a region where game hunting is legal and the game animals are abundant, it is time to invest in a proper game camera. Although it takes hours of waiting to spot the deer that will make your hunting day successful, why not lessen your energy invested? The hunting camera makes sure that you no longer need to sit or lay down in uncomfortable posture to track and monitor the deer for hours, but it detects a motion and keeps you notified accordingly over your Smartphone.


Now that it comes to choosing the best game hunting camera, here are your best options from Campark –


Best Game Camera

Campark T90 24MP 4K Lite Trail Camera


When you are looking for the best trail camera 2022, the Campark T90 offers the best resolution with 4K video and 24MP still image compatibility. What makes this premium model so sought-after is the compressed videos in AVI format so that the compact file size takes 80 percent less space on the included 64GB memory card than the conventional cameras. With IP66 waterproofing, long standby time and 120 degree wide detection range, the camera also offers 0.2 second trigger time and low glow infrared night vision up to 30 meters with 44 pieces of LEDs.  


Campark T86 20MP 1296P Game Hunting Camera


Campark T90 Trail Cameras: a snapshot of what you need to know – Campark -  Focus on Cameras


Available with a sturdy housing that is IP66 waterproof, the Campark T86 can be your one-stop solution to get 20MP clear images. With 1296P video resolution, the camera has a fully automatic night vision, thanks to the 940nm infrared filter and 36 infrared LEDs. You can turn on and off the hotspot by connecting with Bluetooth control. There is app control and in-built Wi-Fi to view and download footages. 


Campark T21 16MP 1080P Mini Trail Camera


Best Game Camera


The Campark T21 wildlife camera model is the only one in the list where you get two cameras in one pack featuring 2 inch LCD monitors. If that is not enough, you get the standard 16MP resolution for images and the high definition 1080P resolution for videos –colorful during daytime and black and white at night. The infrared LEDs offer night vision for up to 65 feet and covers wide range of 120 degree. What is more, it has a IP56 waterproof casing.  


Campark T45A-Green 16MP 4K Trail Camera


Campark T45A-Green


As the top trail camera with a color variant that can act as a camouflage in the wild, the T45A Green camera also offers up to six months of long battery life. Equipped with three advanced sensors, the camera will detect any small movement within 65 feet and has a field of view of 120 degree. With 16MP image and 4K video, you are ensured of the unmatched detailing in footages while the 42 pieces of 850nm infrared LEDs offer superior night vision. 


Campark Upgrade T70 16MP 1080P Hunting Camera


Campark Upgrade T70


The Campark Upgrade T70 game trail camera has image resolution of 16MP and video of 1080P so that you get the industry standard level footages. With trigger detection range of 65 feet and super fast trigger speed, the camera has 44 pieces of no glow 940nm LED lights that will not alarm the deer about the camera monitoring while not missing any moment. While being IP66 waterproof, the camera comes with various modes and functions like date stamp, moon phase, timer, temperature, hybrid mode, real time replay and interval recording etc.  

The Campark T45A Upgrade camera can also be considered as it comes with three passive infrared sensors for brilliant night vision within 20 meters alongside 42 pieces of 850nm infrared lights. It offers a great resolution range with 4K video and 20MP image.