Whether you are up above the sky or deep into the ocean, traversing through the arid desert or hiking through a dense forest -your actions need to be documented. The best action cameras in 2022 are created with the purpose of freezing those exhilarating moments of action through photos and videos. Campark has always been a pioneer brand to introduce the latest and energy efficient technology in its cameras and the range of action cameras are best in class with superior footage quality, waterproof cover and display. The Campark V40 20MP 4K camera can be the best travel camera to capture your actions both with front and back camera support.


The best action cameras in 2022


High Quality Still Image And HD Video


While offering videos in MP4 format for easy preview on different video players, the V40 action camera supports supreme 4K resolution with different combinations like 4K at 30fps, 2.7K at 30fps, 1080P at 60fps and 30fps and 720P at 240fps, 120fps, 60fps and 30fps.


At the same time, the images are saved in JPG format and you can choose the resolution from 20MP to 16MP, 13MP and 8MP. With the Sony sensor you are ensured to get jaw-dropping clarity and details.


The best action cameras in 2022


Electronic Image Stabilization


With EIS or Electronic Image Stabilization turned on, the camera will not require a gimbal or external device for shake-free footages. There is 6-axis gyroscope for detecting any minute change of motion automatically. It will keep the images and videos smooth even when you are moving fast and abruptly.


Dual Display Screens Available


Being best camera for vloggers, the V40 camera will let you take selfies during your travels using the 1.2 inch front color screen. There is a 2 inch touchscreen display on the rear side that lets you adjust the camera settings and view the footages. You can conveniently view and switch between the  rear and front screens.


The best action cameras in 2022


10m Waterproof Without Case And 40m Waterproof Case


As the best budget action camera 2022, the V40 model has a waterproof body that supports for up to 10 meters (33 feet) underwater. Therefore, you can use it without case while swimming, surfing, snorkeling, wading, paddle boarding, sailing etc. In case you are up for diving deep, you will get the waterproof case that supports for up to 40 meters (131 feet).


Wireless Wrist Remote And Wi-Fi Control


The Campark V40 can be action camera for your next trip, thanks to its wireless control for wrist remote that is rechargeable and lets you take photos and videos by touching the module like a smartwatch. The camera has in-built Wi-Fi hotspot that lets you connect your mobile to the camera via the iOS and Android compatible iSmart DV app installed on your Smartphone. Once connected, you can preview and share footages right from the Smartphone without operating the camera.


The best action cameras in 2022


Multiple Photo And Video Modes


Listed among the best cameras for vlogging, the ][ camera comes with various modes like burst photo to take multiple consecutive shots, slow motion, time lapse to capture moments like flower blooming and sun rising and loop recording that makes sure that the memory space does not run out by overwriting on old unprotected files. With the loop recording, you can also use the camera for car mode like a dash camera.


The best action cameras in 2022


With the wide angle of 170° the camera can capture for 60-90 minutes at a stretch after recharging. The camera comes with two 1350mAh batteries, wrist remote, waterproof case, USB cable and mounting kits for helmet and bicycle.