Are you looking for a proper security system for your home, farm, or workplace? Choosing home security cameras will be one of the most important tasks to keep your property and loved ones safe from burglars and trespassers. Campark has a number of choices to look for and in association with Toguard, it brings forward wireless home security systems. From simple doorbell cameras to security cams –these can be installed in different corners of your property for ensuring safety. Here are the top five choices to consider –


Home Security Outdoor Cameras 2022

Campark DB20 WiFi Video Doorbell Camera

There is no need to open the door unprepared as the wireless doorbell camera from Campark is here with 166-degree wide-angle field coverage. The doorbell camera has a free chime so that whenever someone rings the door, the camera captures footage with 1080P resolution and there is two-way audio to help you communicate with whoever is outside.

There is a motion sensor that will let you know in case someone is trying to enter stealthily and the night vision will work seamlessly in dark conditions. With 2.4 GHz WiFi support, there is real-time video, cloud storage, SD card, and rechargeable battery.


Campark DB20 WiFi Video Doorbell Camera with Night Vision


Campark AP25 Wireless Solar IP Security Camera

Among the wireless security cameras of Campark, AP25 Solar IP camera can be considered as an eco-friendly option, thanks to the external solar panel attached on top and in-built 10400 mAh rechargeable battery offering long-lasting service. With IP65 waterproofing, the camera works by PIR motion detection and 166-degree wide-angle vision for 1080P video. You will get a clear picture both in the day and at night with night vision and there is two-way audio for ease of communication or knowing what is going outside. There is an SD card and cloud storage in this camera alongside WiFi support through the Tosee Plus app.


Home Security Outdoor Cameras 2022

Toguard W500 4K PoE Wired Security Camera With 3TB Hard Drive

Among the best outdoor security cameras, Toguard W500 comes with a stand, installation hole, and USB port for connecting USB backup, power, video output, audio input, etc. Once set up on the Esee Cloud app, you can record footage, zoom in and have 4k HD video playback. There is email notification and superior motion detection through the 8 MP IP camera while night vision guarantees detailed black and white footage. Being IP66 waterproof, it will brave any weather and record 24x7. What is better, the 3TB hard drive will ensure no footage gets lost.


Home Security Outdoor Cameras 2022


Toguard W400 1080P 8CH NVR Wireless Security Camera

If you want a wireless plug-and-play function with a security camera, Toguard W400 camera system can be the best option for you. Available with a 1 TB or 3TB hard drive or without the hard drive, you can choose the system accordingly. There is a 12” LCD NVR monitor with 8 channels to capture detailed 1080P footage and up to eight cameras are supported for 24x7 auto-monitoring.

Among wireless outdoor security cameras, the W400 lets you automatically pair the camera with your device through wireless contact. With a 1P66 rating, the camera can work from -20 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius temperature. There is infrared night vision and motion detection with email alert in case there is a movement within the proximity.


Home Security Outdoor Cameras 2022

Toguard W601 Wireless WiFi Solar Battery Powered Camera

Equipped with a 5dbi antenna and a stable base station that can connect four cameras simultaneously, the W601 Wireless Camera has 2W solar panels above and a 6400 mAh battery for a non-stop power supply. With the CloudEye app, you can check the live feed, be notified about any motion, and even talk with a trespasser or guest arriving at your house. PIR motion detection covers a 120-degree wide-angle and up to 23 feet. SD card is required but not included in the package.          


Home Security Outdoor Cameras 2022


Apart from these, you can also check out Toguard W504 5MP PoE camera, TOGUARD AP30 2MP Dual-Lens camera, Toguard AP50 WiFi Security Camera, and TOGUARD W220 Home Security Camera System.