With the spread of knowledge about home security, more and more people are realizing its importance. Since every home security situation is different, finding the right and fulfilling home security devices in the market may become a challenge. People looking for the right home security camera might consider some unusual options such as tracking cameras that are common in monitoring wildlife.

Also known as hunting cameras or game cameras, tracking cameras are primarily used to monitor wildlife tracks and hunting activities, and will also be one of the options for home security monitoring equipment that is rapidly gaining popularity. This article will focus on the differences between professional security cameras and tracking cameras, and give some relevant advice on what is appropriate for home surveillance needs.

Trail Cameras vs Security Cameras: Which One Is Better For Home Security

Related Features of Tracking Cameras Suitable for Home Security Monitoring

  • Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR): the camera triggers to work when it detects a change in heat within the monitored area. This feature is mainly based on the detection of infrared radiation emanating from an object and can work even in low light conditions or at night without relying on any visible light.
  • Night Vision: The night vision feature of the tracking camera can capture clear black and white or color images at night.
  • Remote Access and Operation: The more advanced tracking cameras can be accessed remotely through the relevant APP to view real-time surveillance images. The 4G function of the cellular tracking camera allows users to remotely control the camera in real-time, view or download videos and pictures, playback the surveillance images, etc., which ensures that users can always monitor the situation at home.
  • Easy Installation: Tracking cameras are generally wireless in design and do not require additional cable wiring, providing more location options.
  • Low Consumption: The tracking camera is designed with a built-in battery, which doesn't require extra home electricity output. Some hunting cameras will be paired with solar panels, which can effectively extend the life of the camera and provide a stable security monitoring system.
Trail Cameras vs Security Cameras: Which One Is Better For Home Security

    Shortcomings of Tracking Cameras

    • More Fixed Camera Lens: Most hunting cameras on the market do not have PTZ removable features, which means that the surveillance range will be limited. However, some advanced hunting cameras can achieve full coverage of the surveillance range, such as Campark's TC27, which supports the camera to rotate horizontally by 355° and vertically by 90° for dead-angle-free surveillance.
    • Unique Shape Color: The housing of the tracking camera usually adopts a camouflage color design, which doesn't match well with most of the interior decoration styles.
    • Short Battery Life: Tracking cameras are generally powered by AA batteries, which may result in a shorter battery life. To ensure that the camera continues to work properly, users may need to periodically check the battery level and replace it regularly (in addition to having spare batteries or solar panels).
    • Limited Camera Features: Compared to professional security cameras, tracking cameras have limited features to offer.

    The Difference Between Security Cameras and Trail Cameras

    Basis of Differences Trail Cameras Security Cameras
    Purpose Trail cameras are made for tracking wildlife Security cameras are specially designed for security and surveillance of home or workplace
    Duration of the video feed As discussed before, trail cameras only take pictures and very short video when they sense a motion or temperature change. Security cameras give you 24 hours live feed with no breaks, capturing every single activity.
    Visibility These cameras are not visible to everyone due to their design and therefore don't pre-maturely keep burglars, robbers, intruders, etc A security camera is out there and can be positioned to be very visible in the home. This works as a preventive measure.


    These cameras cannot pan or tilt. Therefore, they only focus on large and high-resolution pictures. Security cameras can pan and tilt to capture surrounding background too offering more flexibility.

     Zoom Feature

    These cameras don't have the zoom feature. Can zoom and record.


    Trail cameras are designed to blend in the surrounding nature with their camouflage patterns. Security cameras are much more obvious and help in protecting a home or workplace better.


    Mobile Application Support

    Trail cameras don't have very sophisticated mobile application backup. The app have limited functions. Since professional security cameras ard designed for home surveillance, their mobile apps come with many monitoring options needed for home security.

     WiFi Fuctions

    Only new models support wireless transmission of files over WiFi。 All models have suppored wireless or POE transmission of data.

     Temperature Detection

    Trail cameras can detect change in temperature. These cameras can't detect change in temperature.

     Multiple Viewing and Monitoring

    It is not possible. You can connect security camera with an NVR (Network Video Recorder) system to monitor multiple cameras together.

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    Do I Need a Trail Camera to Monitor My Home Security?

    A tracking camera is not a professional security surveillance camera, although it has features that can detect motion and temperature changes, and capture high-definition pictures and videos. A professional security camera can help you record your home security situation in real time 24 hours a day through intelligent human detection and tracking, and use an app with multiple operating functions so that you can protect your home security more comprehensively.

    Even if you have purchased a tracking camera now, you can still use it for home monitoring and install it in a suitable outdoor location for normal monitoring work.

    If you haven't purchased a home security monitoring device yet, you can choose the Campark SC40 2K Dual Lens Security Camera for all-around surveillance without missing any details. The dual-screen view of two different surveillance areas gives the user more flexibility in choosing what to watch.


    If it is used for comprehensive protection of home security, we still recommend using professional security surveillance cameras, if you just want to do purely home monitoring, hunting cameras are also a good choice, users can choose professional equipment or ordinary equipment according to their actual situation.