Campark TC22 4K Solar Trail Camera Review: Uninterrupted Power and HD Night Vision

Detailed Review of the Campark TC22 4K Solar Trail Camera: Continuous Power Supply, HD Night Vision, and Advanced Features

Today, we are taking a look at the updated Campark TC22 trail camera. The earlier model didn't have loop recording, but this updated version includes that function, making it more suitable for security purposes—just one of the many ways you can use this trail camera. Let's dive into the details of the new and improved TC22.

Product Overview

The Campark TC22 is a 4K solar-powered camera equipped with two built-in lithium batteries. This design allows you to place the fully charged camera in a sunny area, and the solar panel will keep the batteries topped up, theoretically providing up to a year of continuous power.

This camera features a dual-lens design for capturing both daytime and nighttime footage. Its starlight night vision capability ensures that it can capture color images even in low-light conditions, making it versatile for various lighting environments.

Unboxing Experience

Before we delve into the full functionality of the camera, let's start with the unboxing. Inside the package, you'll find a quick start guide and a warranty card that can be extended to two years. The instruction booklet is comprehensive, covering everything you need to know about the camera's features and operations. Additionally, the package includes two straps for securing the camera and a USBC charging cable.

The TC22 itself is compact and lightweight. When compared to its predecessor, the TC1880, another solar-powered camera from Campark, the TC22 offers more advanced features. The solar panel on top can fully charge the built-in lithium batteries, providing an impressive runtime.

Key Features

Looking at the bottom of the unit, you'll find the charging port. Inside the camera, there's a slot for a memory card. If you plan to record in 4K, make sure to use a U3 or higher speed memory card. The TC22 supports up to 128GB memory cards, and it's always a good practice to format the card before use to ensure optimal performance.

The menu is user-friendly, offering various video resolutions from 4K and 2.7K down to 360P. The camera can also capture photos with resolutions up to 60 megapixels. With an 850nm infrared light and a 0.1-second trigger speed, this camera is capable of quickly capturing clear images.

Additionally, the camera can connect to your mobile phone or tablet with minimal delay, providing a smooth and effective user experience.

Video Quality

Next, let's look at some footage captured in 4K, 2.7K, and 1080P. It's important to note that this review video is rendered on a 1080P timeline, so the 4K footage won't appear as sharp as it would if rendered on a 4K timeline. However, a separate video will be uploaded in 4K to showcase the true quality of the images captured.

One advantage of shooting in 4K and then rendering in 1080P is that you can zoom in on the footage during post-production without losing much, if any, quality. This flexibility makes 4K footage incredibly versatile when downscaled to 1080P.

Practical Applications

In summary, the Campark TC22 is a robust 4K solar trail camera with built-in lithium batteries and a loop recording function, making it perfect for security surveillance. You can set this camera up in your desired location and not worry about running out of memory on the fitted card, thanks to the loop recording feature that overwrites the oldest recordings.

Another noteworthy feature is the 20m detection range of its sensors, which allows the camera to accurately capture targets at a considerable distance.


Overall, the Campark TC22 is a well-made and affordable trail camera that excels in both wildlife monitoring and home security applications. For users who need high-quality images and long-term power solutions, this camera is an excellent choice.

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