Campark CE70 2.5K 12" Front and Rear Mirror Dash Cam with Voice Control(Out of stock in USA)



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About this item

High-Resolution Front and Rear Cam & Super Night Vision】12 inch large Screen with built-in high-performance Sonny lens that offers 2.5K (2560 x 1440p) front view with more clear night vision, and 1080P (1920 x 1080p) rearview with vivid clear images that will give your continuous live streaming video in a wide-angle view of everything behind without blind spots that see via a standard mirror.

Touch Screen & Smart Voice Control】With user-friendly touch operation interface, you'll find the mirror camera is quite easy to use. If you are busy driving, you just give it a voice command, it listens and works, like turn on/off screen, lock video, start/stop recording, switch cameras, etc. The upgraded voice control system will surely free your hand and add ease and safety to your journey.

Real Time GPS & Adjustable View Angle】We can not only track the routes and location via the GPS in time but also check the real-time speed in the video if necessary. 170° wide front viewing angle and 160° back angle are great to capture activities from both sides and eliminate the visual blind spots. You can also swipe on the screen up or down to adjust the viewing angle to get a better view angle you want for the most comfortable driving posture.

Smart Parking Assistant】Upgraded smart parking assistant will automatically show you the exact parking position with guide lines on the screen once you are reversing, gives you extra ease and confidence, no worry about scrapping or colliding from now on.

Loop recording & G-sensor】 Automatically overwrite the oldest footage with the newest upon filling a card to capacity, Support Micro SD Card max to 128GB (not included). Upgraded G-sensor will automatically lock and keep important footage when a collision happens, hardwire kit (not included)can be also connected to the cam and makes 24 hours monitoring a reality.

Simple Installation & Useful Gift 】No screw, no disassembly needed, this 12 inch (L)x2.75 inch (W) mirror dashcam can be attached to your original mirror directly without disassembling it, featured voice control, loop recording, G-sensor, parking monitor, and other various functions, it'll surely improve your driving experience and give better protection to your car no matter you are new or experienced, an ideal gift to yourself, your family and friends as gifts for Christmas, birthday, rewarding, etc.

Display size】 12.0 inches

Display type】 LCD

Smart Voice Control

The backup camera will recognize the specified command when recording. It’s more convenient and safer while driving. You can take pictures, lock video, turn on/off screen, turn on/off audio, start/stop recording without touch the display. Note: Please turn down the audio when you speak the command, otherwise the dash cam may could not work because of the noise. The dash cam support English Command ONLY.

Adjustable Rear View Angle and Brightness

The backup camera is easy to set the best angle and brightness by swipe the screen up or down. You also can swipe screen to switch front and rear camera while recording and driving. The lens of front camera can be swivelled. Front camera with wide 170° field of view, waterproof rear cam with 140° field of view.

High Resolution in Day and Night

The mirror dash cam with 2.5k+1080p front and rear camera records clear video in day and night. 12 inch big screen makes it clearly read the license plate of vehicle behind or in front of you. The waterproof rear camera is available to work in raining day, assuring accident or insurance claim. Note: The mirror dash cam will immediately default to rear camera full screen upon startup.

G Sensor & 24 Hours Parking Monitor

Secure CE70 mirror dash cam captures with the G-sensor feature. The parking monitoring function has three sensitivity options (high/medium/low). The dash cam will automatically turn on and shoot 20 seconds of video, then lock it when vibration is detected.

Safety Parking Reversing Aid System

Once you connect the red wire to the reversing light positive lead, the dash cam will switch to reversing mode when reversing light on. The full screen HD reversing image with parking line will help you easy to park.

Optional GPS Function

Optional GPS provides track the driving route, location and speed in either KM/H or MP/H. It helps you track the important location and speed if need evidence. You have to check driving tracker footage by customized GPS player "GX player". The GPS cable is not included, please contact Toguard to get GPS cable if needed.

Why choose our 2.5K mirror dash cam?

  • 2.5K+1080P Starlight Night Vision of this rear view camera are provide crucial details to back you up in an unexpected incident.
  • Smart Voice Control System of this car camera is hand-free operation, easier and quicker to operate.
  • GPS with Speed and Location, exactly know when/where the events happened.
  • Safe reversing aid and parking monitor, dash cam keep an eye on your car when reversing and parking.
  • G-Sensor lock emergency video on dashboard camera as important evidence.


  • Loop Recording: 1/3/5 mins
  • Parking Guard: Off/Low/Middle/High
  • Screen Saver: Off/1/3 mins
  • Power Supply: DC 5V/2.5A
  • Video Format: MP4
  • Size: 12x 2.8 x 0.6 inch
  • Weight: 0.82lb


  • 1*Mirror Dash Cam
  • 1*Backup Camera
  • 1*Car Charger
  • 1*GPS antenna
  • 4*Cable Clamps
  • 4*Rubber Straps
  • 1*Easy Pry Tool



Question:Recorder shows memory ful, unable to loop video, etc.
Answer: 1. First, when a new memory card is used for the first time on the machine. Please format the memory card to FAT32 format on PC then format it in the camera.Or the memory card is previously used on another type of device,it needs to be formatted when
used on this camera.Or change another new SANDISK 32G Micro SD CARD.
2.Check the sensitivity of G-sensor, If the sensitivity is too high,the bumping and shaking of the camera will trigger the G-sensor,and the file will be locked. Locked files cannot be overwritten.Ilf the lock file is accumulated, there will be no memory card to loop record. When parking monitoring is turned on, shaking will also cause too many stray files, which will also affect the reading and writing of cards.

Question: The device will automatically turn on or turn off.
Answer: 1.Please format the memory card to FAT32 format on PC then format it in the camera.
2. Please check whether the parking monitoring function is on.With parking monitor on, the device will automatically turn on and record when it detects a collision or shaking.
3. Check the car charger connection status, if the connection is loose, the power supply is not stable, the camera will automatically turn on and off.

Question: The rear camera does not display image
Answer: 1. Please switch the camera display mode to double check the rear camera status. .
2. Please check if the AV plug is properly connected and the cable is plugged in correctly.
3.Try to disconnect the camera and clean the connector with some medical alcohol connect it again.

Question: Screen operation or button reaction is slow during recording
Answer:1.Please check whether the memory card used is a high-speed card (Class10), If you use a non-high-speed card, problems such as missed seconds, video playback jams, screen display colorful stripes, and crashes may occur.
2.Reset the camera if necessary.

Question: Change in the setting menus won' t save.
Answer:1. After change settings, please manually press the power button to shut down, and the device settings will be saved. 
2. When the device is abnormally powered off, the unit might not save the settings.
3. When the battery is too low, the customized settings might be lost.

Question: Even though set the screen saver, but the screen will randomly come back on.
Answer: The power supply might not be stable, please change another car charger to try.




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Campark CE70 2.5K 12" Front and Rear Mirror Dash Cam with Voice Control(Out of stock in USA)