Campark SC12 3MP Outdoor Wireless 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera No WiFi Dome Cam with Solar Panel & SIM Card

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About this item 

4G LTE & Remote Access Campark cellular security camera can be used anywhere with 4G LTE coverage. No need for an Ethernet cable or WiFi. Suitable for front barn, garden, garage, farm, warehouse, ranch, construction site, RVs, wildlife tracking and other places where setting up the network inconveniently. ( Including a SIM card with100M data, supports Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile. If you use the SIM CARD comes with the camera, you could top up data on the APP directly.) After the wireless camera is connected to the UBOX APP, you can view real-time and playback video anywhere.

3MP HD Color Night Vision & PTZWith 3MP resolution, the solar-powered security camera captures sharp, clear footage for more visual details. Provide both color and infrared night vision modes for your night recordings, supporting night vision up to 10 meters (33 feet). With 355° horizontal and 90° vertical rotation, you can have a perfect 360° field of vision without blind spots. In addition, 5x digital zoom can help you see more details.

IP66 Weatherproof & Solar ChargingCampark 4G LTE security camera has built-in 8000mAh battery. Connect the security camera outdoor to the 4W solar panel and it will get uninterrupted power, saving you from charging the battery again and again. The IP66 weatherproof standard allows the wireless security camera to withstand various weather conditions, even in rainy and snowy days.

Smart PIR Humanoid Detection & Two-way AudioCampark battery-powered security camera will intelligently detect people through heat, reducing false alarms caused by rain, wind, leaves, insects, etc. When the alarm is triggered, the APP will push instant notifications to you. And the siren and light will on (you could set up in the APP). Besides, you can communicate with people near the dome surveillance camera via the APP directly.

Flexible Storage Methods & Excellent Customer ServiceCampark 3MP PTZ no wifi security camera supports cloud storage and local storage (UP TO 128 GB Micro SD card, NOT included), you can choose any method for video storage. This wire-free cctv camera comes with a 30-day cloud service, which is available upon activation of the camera. If you have any doubts when you set up the camera, please let us know. We have a professional customer team to help you and reply your emails within 24 hours.

Support for Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T

The package includes a 4G SIM card with 100M of free data available for testing. There are no activation, contract or other hidden fees for using this card. Additional data plans can be updated in the Ubox App based on your actual needs and budget.

Wireless External Camera

100% wireless. There is no wifi distance limitation. The camera has a built-in 8000mA high capacity rechargeable battery with a 4W high efficiency solar panel. Install the integrated solar camera in a sunny location to ensure that the solar panel receives maximum sunlight to provide uninterrupted power to the camera.

3MP Full HD and color night vision

Equipped with an excellent sensor and premium lens set to record 3MP Ultra HD color pictures and 2K video at night. 110° selectable area and 30 feet detection distance, you can easily know what's happening near the camera! Built-in IR LEDs for black and white or color night vision.

Instant Alerts

High-sensitivity PIR motion sensor and accurate software pixel analysis technology for dual control and reduced false alarms. No matter where you are, once motion is detected, the camera will sound an alarm (which can be turned off) while sending an alert message to your phone.

2-way audio

Built-in microphone and speaker for two-way audio. You can freely set it on and off. It allows clear two-way communication with anyone in the camera's field of view (such as family, friends and intruders), and you can even talk to people remotely or disperse suspicious people in your home via the mobile app.

Flexible storage

You can choose to save all motion detection video clips locally on a micro SD card up to 128GB (not included) or back up to the Ubox cloud (30-day free trial)

All-round Protection

The CCTV security camera can provide 355° horizontal and 90° vertical rotating range, which greatly reduces the blind spots in the field of view and can protect your family more comprehensively. The monitoring angle can be controlled remotely by UBOX APP.

5X Digital Zoom

No Wi-Fi security camera with 5X digital zoom technology supports area picture magnification to help you see clearer and farther.

IP66 Weatherproof

The wireless surveillance camera with IP66 waterproof works in any weather (-20°C~50°C). Our 4G LTE camera has been tested and can adapt to bad weather. Waterproof, dustproof, anti-high temperature, frost proof.

Tips for installing solar panel

  1. In snow, cloudy, gloomy, or rainy weather, solar panels charging the camera may be affected.
  2. The location of the solar panel should be exposed to sunlight. Avoid being installed on the eaves or back.
  3. There is no Micro SD card in the package. This PTZ security cameras support max 128 GB Micro SD Card. PLEASE FORMAT THE MEMORY CARD BEFORE FIRST USE.
  4. This camera is not suitable for 24/7 recording, because it will reduce battery life. Recommend you install the camera in the place without too many passersby to reduce the trigger times.


  • Resolution: 3MP 2304*1296P/15fps
  • Motion detection: PIR infrared, effective distance 8 meters
  • Night Vision Mode: Black & White/Full Color Night Vision
  • Charging method: 5V type-c interface / 4W solar charging
  • Battery: 2 21700 lithium batteries, 8000mah capacity
  • Audio: Two-way audio
  • Storage: Micro SD card, max 128G/paid cloud storage
  • Waterproof grade: IP66
  • Networking method: 4G LTE
  • SIM Card: Nano SIM


  • 1x camera
  • 1x solar panel (cable length about 3 meters)
  • 1x camera metal bracket
  • 1x solar panel holder
  • 1x Metal Bracket Screw Pack
  • 1x Solar Mount Screw Pack
  • 1x SIM card
  • 1x 1m type-c charging cable


Question: Is it easy to connect?
Hi, here are the steps for you to connect the cellular security camera:
1. Please full charged the camera before the first use.
2. Download UBOX APP. Scan the QR code in the "easy guide" or search UBOX APP in the Google Play/App store.
3. Insert SIM card and micro SD card. (If you want to use cloud storage, you can leave out the micro SD card.)
4. Press the power button and reset button. Wait for a few seconds, then you will see the blue light.
5. On the UBOX app, click "add a device" - "setup 4g device" - "next".
6. Scan the QR code on the camera, wait for a few seconds, connect successfully.

Question: Why aren't the alarms triggered when people pass by?
Answer:  1) Please check the detection sensitivity in the UBOX app. You could choose the sensitivity level. ( Low-Middle-High)

2) Please check if you set the detection zone. The camera will not detect people outside the detection area.

3) Please check if you set the detection time. The camera will not detect people during non-working hours.

4) If the data runs out, you will not receive instant notifications. But the camera will capture some pictures and save in the app. If you put a micro sd card in the camera, it will save videos.

Question: Before buying, how can I tell if the camera fits where I need it?

Answer: You could use smartphone or other electronic device which can recevie 4g signal to have a test. Please ensure that there is 4G signal coverage and the signal is good.

Question:Can I connect the camera with WIFI?
Answer: NO. Our 4G LTE camera ONLY support 4G LTE SIM card, don't support Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connection. If you use the SIM CARD comes with the camera, you could top up data on the APP directly.

Question:When the camera uses data?
Answer:The camera will use the data when the camera is triggered or when viewing footage. The amount of data used depends on the clarity of the picture, how often the PIR detection is triggered, and how often the recordings are viewed. So this camera is suitable for places with few people.

Question:Will it work if it runs out of data?
Answer:Hi, yes, but you need to insert a micro sd card. The camera will record video when the data runs out. However, you can't view the recordings on APP and can't receive the instant notifications. If you need to check the recordings, you need to take out the micro SD card to view on computer. If you use the card in the package, you could buy the data directly on the APP.

Question:Does it work with verizon?
Answer:Hi, yes, our camera could work with Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T. Also, the SIM card in the package comes with 100M data for you to test the camera.
But if you want to use Verizon, you just can use the SIM card come with the camera.

Question:What do the colors of the different lights mean?
Answer:Hi there, here are the tips for the light colors:
1. SIM card not found — red and blue lights flash alternately
2. SIM card arrears or shutdown — red and blue lights flash alternately slowly
3. Steady red light — the signal is too poor and the network connection unsuccessful
4. Red light flashing slowly — 4G SIM card is abnormal
5. Steady blue light — successfully connect to the network

Question:Can i share the camera with my families?
Answer:Absolutely yes. After connecting the camera via UBOX app, you could share it to anyone you want. The camera supports 3 people to view at the same time, and the number of users is not limited. Here are the steps to share camera:
1. Enter the email address you want to share;
2. Click share button;
3. Waiting for the user to accept.
4. After accepting your sharing, you can set permissions for each user.




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Campark SC12 3MP Outdoor Wireless 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera No WiFi Dome Cam with Solar Panel & SIM Card

$239.99 $169.99