Campark TC17 2K 4G LTE Cellular Solar PTZ Trail Camera & Security Camera With SIM Card(Verizon AT&T T-Mobile)



Style: 1* Camera + 1* SIM Card +1* Solar Panel

  • 1* Camera + 1* SIM Card +1* Solar Panel

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ベンダー: Campark - Focus on CamerasSKU: TC17該当なしバーコード: 748507216578該当なし可用性 : 在庫あり在庫あり在庫切れカテゴリ: すべての製品, トレイルカメラ, 高度なトレイル カメラタグ: Trail camera


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About this item 

Innovative Cellular Transmission】 When this camera detects motion, it generates pictures and videos. After about a minute you will receive photos and videos from the camera. Whether you are at home or at work, you can receive pictures and videos of animals taken by the tracking camera anytime and anywhere. It saves you a lot of time and effort retrieving your SD card and helps you can focus on what's important. There is no wifi distance limit, You can view and download videos remotely. There is no need to frequently go out into the field to remove the tracking camera. You can manage camera settings, receive and share photos, monitor camera power status, and manage data plans through the mobile app. In addition, firmware updates, SD formatting, photo/video downloads and shooting requests are all set up from your phone even when you are on the other side of the country.  This trail camera is suitable for North America and Europe. (Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico)

Built-in SIM Card】Download "UCon" from App store or Google Play, both Android and IOS are supported. Purchase and activate your data plan with the included SIM card. SIM cards do not limit the type of data service provider, but are mostly based on AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. This 4G SIM card with 100M of free data to test. It's easy to charge on the app once you run out of cellular data. There are no activation, contract or other hidden fees for using this card. You can choose the right data plan within your budget. 

4W Solar Panel】Equipped with an 8000mA rechargeable battery and 4W solar panel, this trail camera system provides a steady stream of power to the camera and can even work for 365 days on a full charge. You can flexibly install a wireless hunting camera anytime, anywhere without worrying about battery issues.

2K Video and 3 Vision Modes】The wireless trail camera captures HD 2K (2668x1440) real videos. There are 2 night vision mode and 1 day vision to choose. When you choose white light mode, you will get color night vision videos. When you choose infrared light mode (invisible), you will get white and black image. The day vision is color. The resolution of all the modes is HD 2K. Tips: The white light night vision mode has glow light, so the mode can be used in farm. 

Flexible Pan Tilt and 2-way audio】355° pan and 90° tilt controllable on the app. You can remotely rotate the camera up, down, left and right on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere, and freely adjust and determine the detection angle and range. Equipped with intelligent PIR motion detection system and exclusive AI intelligent algorithm, it improves human and animal detection ability and can reduce 95% false alarms due to rain, insects, branches, etc. In addition, the built-in high-sensitivity sound-collecting microphone and speakers allow you to listen to the wonderful sounds of the animal world. You can also freely set two-way audio on and off.

0.5s Trigger Time and Instant Alert】0.5s of triggered motion detection. Never miss a moment. No matter where you are, whenever the camera is triggered, it automatically records and sends a live alert notification of the video recording to your phone.

IP66 Waterproof 】IP66 Waterproof and Operating Temperature: -20°C to 60° (-4°F to 140°F). With a waterproof and robust body, the solar cellular trail camera can resist splashing water, rain, heat, and cold. 

More Features】3 shooting modes (photo, video, photo and video), password protection, two-way talk, infrared night vision motion activation, IP66 waterproof. Tracking cameras work even in extreme weather, making them ideal for hunting, wildlife monitoring, farm theft, and even home security monitoring.

Cellular transmission

The camera works with several different internet service providers and comes with a powerful high-gain antenna to send pictures or videos to your smartphone. The Campark TC17 includes a SIM card that is activated and purchased with your data plan. You can network with the camera through the mobile app, so that your phone can not be limited by wifi distance, manage camera settings anytime, anywhere, receive and share photos, monitor camera power status, and more. The camera is suitable for the North America and Europe.

Solar cell camera

The camera has a built-in 8000mA high-capacity rechargeable battery and is equipped with a 4W high-efficiency solar panel. Charge the camera only once before use, then install the integrated solar camera in a sunny location to ensure the solar panel receives maximum sunlight and provides uninterrupted power to the camera.

2K Full HD and Color Night Vision

Equipped with an excellent sensor and high-quality lens set, it can record 2K ultra-high-definition video and pictures at night. With its night vision up to 32 feet, you'll be able to keep an eye on what's happening near your camera! Built-in infrared LED light, you can choose black and white or color night vision.

0.5s trigger time and instant alert

Initiate motion with an ultra-fast trigger speed of 0.5 s after animal motion is detected, with no delay. Never miss a wonderful moment. No matter where you are, whenever you trigger the camera, it will automatically record and send a real-time alarm notification of the video recording to your phone.

Flexible Pan Tilt

355° pan and 90° tilt are controllable on the app. You can remotely rotate the camera up, down, left and right on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere, and freely adjust and determine the detection angle and range. Provide you with maximum detection range.

2-way audio

Built-in microphone and speaker for two-way audio. You can set it on and off freely. You can listen to the wonderful sounds of the animal world from your phone. When used for home monitoring, you can even talk to people remotely or disperse suspicious people from your home through a mobile APP.

Warm Tips:

1)SIM card is include, but a micro sd card is not included.
2)Please reset the trail camera before use.
3)Please format micro sd card on the app.
4)Please charge the trail camera for about 10 hours before use.
5)The SIM card is support US, Canada, Mexico and European countries.



  • Free APP: UCon
  • Power Supply: Solar powered and built-in 8000mah battery
  • Built-in 8000mah rechargeable battery
  • 2K HD video for day and night
  • Viewing Angle: Pan 355°, tilt 90°
  • Night Vision Range: 32ft
  • Vision Mode: Black &white night mode, color night mode, full light day mode
  • Playback: Support playback on the APP "UCon"
  • Mobile System: Support Android / iOS
  • Storage: Cloud storage and micro sd card storage
  • Waterproof: IP66
  • Multi-party sharing: Supports many users’ sharing


  • 1x Trail Camera
  • 1x SIM Card
  • 1x solar panel
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Mounting Belt
  • 1x Threaded Tripod
  • Accessories


Question:Is it easy to use the trail camera?
Answer: Yes, it will be easy to use the trail camera once you get it.
The following are main steps.
1. Please charge the trail camera for about 8 hours with provided type-c usb cable.
2. Please insert micro sd card (NOT INCLUDED) and provided SIM card. Please note the direction when you do that. (It is recommended to format your memory sd on computer before use.)
3. Turn on the trail camera.
4. Click Reset button to reset the trail camera. You will hear "syetem reset" from the camera.
5. Open app "UCon" and register an account.
6. Add the device and get connection with the trail camera on the app.
7. Do some settings on the app.
8. Then the trail camera will record video automatically once movement detected.
Hope this will help.

Question:How much does the cell plan(s) cost?
Answer: Please enter the app the recharge.The following is the exact fee of the SIM card we provided. The trail camera also supports AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile.

One year enjoy service $229.9
It is used by users who often go online to view or cloud storage triggers more(60G)

Six months enjoy service $139.9
It is used by users who often go online to view or cloud storage triggers more(30G)

One year basic service $139.9
For less online viewing, cloud storage triggers fewer users(12G)

Six months basic service $79.9
For less online viewing, cloud storage triggers fewer users(6G)

One month supplement service $14.9
It is used to temporarily supplement the flow when the flow is insufficient(3G)

This is the cell plan(s) cost. Hope it will help.

Question:Recommend to format the micro sd card first,where to format?
Answer: Please enter app, then enter the live view, and you will find a setup button on the right top of the interface. Click the setup botton- Memory card-Format memory card.

Question: How long can I set the video recording time?
Answer: You can set the video for 5s,15s,30s,60s.

Question:Can I charge the trail camera?
Answer: Yes, you could charge the trail camera with provided usb-c cable.

Question:Can I live view videos without distance limitation?
Answer: Yes, the trail camera is a cellular 4G trail camera.
You could live view videos wherever you are.

Question:Will formatting the sd card render it unusable to be read on windows 10 pc? 
Answer: No, we have tried that for our trail camera. Format micro sd card and read it on windows 10, and we could view the files.
Please don't worry.

Question:It seems the usb-c is for power, what's the regular usb connector for?
Answer: 1) The usb-c connector is for charging. You could conect with usb-c cable to charge. You could also connect the solar panel. (Usb-c cable is included.)
2) The micro usb is for transferring files. A micro usb cable is NOT included.

Question:Does the trail camera record photo once moment detected?
Answer: No, the trail camera only automatically redord video once moment detected. If you want to record photo, you could record on the app manually.

Question:Does it come with SIM card?
Answer: It comes with SIM card for the trail camera. But a micro sd card is not included. The provide SIM card has 100MB data and it can be used directly.

Question:Can I live view at home,while the trail camera is in the woods?
Answer: Yes, the trail camera is a cellular 4G trail camera which has an antenna. The antenna is on the side of the trail camera which is hidden. You could live view and download videos on the app "UCon" no matter where you are.

Question:Does this support an external cellular antenna?
Answer: No, the trail camera doesn't support external cellular antenna. It has antenna on the side of the trail camera.

Question:Can you download videos or image to local album?
Answer: Yes, you could download videos or image to local album on the app "UCon".
Please insert provide SIM card before use.

Question:Where is the antenna? I haven't find it.
Answer: The antenna is hidden on the side of the trail camera.
It also has good signal.

Question:Can i set the pir for the trail camera?
Answer: Yes, you could set PIR for the trail camera.
You could choose high, medium, low for the detection sensitivity.




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Campark TC17 2K 4G LTE Cellular Solar PTZ Trail Camera & Security Camera With SIM Card(Verizon AT&T T-Mobile)