Campark C310 1080P Front and Inside Dash Cam With HDR Backup Camera


Style: 1 x Camera + 64GTFU3
  • 1 x Camera + 64GTFU3

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About this item

【Dual Dash Cam Comes with U3 64GB Micro SD Card】In order to provide a better user experience, this car camera is equipped with a special design 64GB micro sd card. No need to purchase an extra memory card for the dash cams, It‘s easy to plug & play.

【Super Infrared Night Vision】1080P recording and HDR technology, the image, and video qualities are still clear and detailed even at night. In addition, the interior car cam is capable of capturing clear video in the dark with 4 infrared (IR) lights. This is well suited for taxi drivers who are mainly on the road late at night

【Front + Interior Dual 1080P dash camera】 The dashcam can simultaneously record front and interior of the car with 1080 FHD video and audio. The dash cam can provide crisp and clear video evidence in the event of a car accident or dispute while driving, driving more at ease.

【Full 310° wide-angle field of view】The front lens viewing angle reaches 170 degrees to both sides of the front of the car and records completely without blind spots for safe driving. The interior lens of 140 degrees is sufficient to capture a full view of your car's interior and occupants.

【Loop recording support 128GB SD card 】 The dual dash cam has a loop recording function to continuously record and automatically delete the oldest stored video to record the latest video when the memory is full. A G-sensor ensures that important stored video clips are not overwritten. The dashcam can hold a micro SD card of up to 128GB (SD card is NOT included).

【Reliable parking monitoring】 With parking monitoring turned on, the car dash cam can record when your car is hit while it is parked.

【Easy to setup and screensaver】 The driving recorder is easy to install on the windshield with a suction cup mount (adhesive mount is also available). Mini hidden shape won't distract driving vision. No complicated settings, plug and use. The car dash camera can record video with the screen turned off while you use the Screensaver feature.

【User Friendly yet Super Powerful】1.5“ screen mini size and screen saver feature do not interfere with driving.G-Sensor, motion detection,HDR, all these features will help you record what you want on your drive journey, and make your peace of mind.

【Warm Tips】NO wireless, NO APP, NO WIFI, NO GPS, NO Bluetooth.

HDR Technology

Equipped with HDR high dynamic image processing technology, the front camera provides great exposure and dynamic range in low light conditions such as driving into the sun or oncoming traffic headlights at night.

Infrared Night Vision

The interior facing camera is surrounded by 4 infrared night vision lights, which captures decent images of the interior of your car when the passenger cabin is dark.

Loop Recording & G-sensor

Loop recording automatically overwrite the oldest footage to avoid memory card is full.

Parking Monitor

The dash camera for the car will automatically power on to record inside and front when detecting a sudden bump or impact to the car, which keeps an extra eye on your car while parked.

Motion Detection

When an intruder wanders around your car, the dash camera automatically turns on and starts recording during parking.

1080P High Resolution & 310° Wide Angle

The 170° angle full HD 1080P with 30fps front-facing camera and 140° angle 1080P with 30fps interior facing camera simultaneously captures the road front and inside the cabin, which takes crisp and clear video.

Optional Installation Mount

This car camera comes with 2 mounts: 1x Adhesive Mount and 1x Removable Suction Cup Mount. You can choose what you prefer.

Support 128GB max

The newest dash cam supports 128GB Max. Please make sure to use a U3 or above high-speed SD card and format it before first use.

Why do we need a car dash cam?

Mini compact design and user-friendly--Simple dash cam that anyone can start using right out of the box. It is a mini-size budget car camera, excellent value for money. (NOTE: The memory card is required and it is NOT included - purchase separately, supports micro-sd card, class 10 U3 speed, up to 128GB max)

Some bells and whistles--Parking monitor, G-Sensor, motion detection, loop recording, f1.6 lens aperture allows more light in the camera capturing the smallest details on the road, high dynamic range, H.264 video compression technology, four IR LEDs for cabin camera recording in the dark, screen saver, timestamp and so much more.

Powerful application scenarios--Temporarily parked on the side of the road; Unforgettable funny road driving trip vlog; An unexpected and difficult traffic dispute etc. This hidden dash camera can help you in all these situations.

Important Tips:

  • When daily recording, the dash cam requires a constant power supply, so the camera should be always plugged into the car's cigarette lighter.
  • If you find the menu button won't work and freeze, please press the OK button to pause the recording first, then press the MENU button to access the setting.
  • The built-in battery capacity is small to record some minutes after fully charged when the camera is unplugged, because it's only designed for parking monitor.
  • If your dash cam stops recording and powers off while driving. Please kindly check if there are too many locked videos that can't be overwritten and filled up the SD card, to ensure normal storage, it is recommended to format the memory card once a month.The video files recorded under the gravity sensor will not be overwritten, so it needs to be manually deleted or formatted on a regular basis to avoid stopping loop recording when the card is full.
  • If your dash cam asks you to format the SD card for first use, please kindly if you use the correct Micro SD card. Class 10 or U3 above, 32-128GB high quality.
  • We don't recommend turning on Motion Detection in traffic jams or when driving at a constant speed on a highway. Otherwise, there will be a missing second during the recording.


  • Screen: 1.5” LCD
  • Camera pixel: 1920x1080P@30fps
  • Storage: Support U3 or above 256GB Micro SD card.
  • Operating Temperature: -4°F - 130°F
  • USB interface: Mini USB
  • Power: 5V/1.5A
  • Video format: MOV ;
  • Photo format: JPG


  • 1* Car Dash Cam
  • 1* 11.48 Feet Car Charger
  • 1* 2.62 Feet Mini USB Cable
  • 1* Suction Cup Mount and
  • 1* Adhesive Mount
  • 4* Cable Clamps
  • 1* Plastic Crowbar
  • 1* User Manual



Question:How to install to ensure that the suction cup mount will not fall off?
Answer: This dual dash cam is easy to install, it has a suction cup and adhesive mount, you can choose one you prefer to install the dash cam.
1. Put the mount into the corresponding slot of the dash cam, and push the mount to the right to fix it.
2. Please clean and dry the windshield, then remove the protector film of the suction cup.
3. Attach it to the windshield and twist the bracket to lock it.
4. Connect the power cable from your cigarette lighter to the dash cam, and fasten the wires to the edge of the windshield with wire clips.

Question:Are you able to access videos on the camera or only on the computer when we remove the sd card?
Answer:There is a mini USB cable in the package. You can use it to connect the car camera to your computer and replay the record video.
Or you can use a SD card reader to replay the recorded video on your computer.

Question:Can you turn off the cab recording and leave the outside camera running?
Answer:You can rotate the second camera around so it faces the front.

Question:Does this camera record 24/7 ?
Answer:It requires a constant power source (cigarette lighter or fuse hotwired) to record continuously. With no power, the battery will maintain the unit to keep the time correct and if the camera is in park mode and shaken it will turn on and begin recording to capture that video and then turn itself off.

Question:Is this a constant recording camera or a gforce camera?
Answer:Yes, this dual dash cam is a constant recording camera.

Question:How do I replay the cabin camera recording?
Answer:In the default setting both cameras are recording to the microSD chip. On the MicroSD chip there are 2 separate folders. One folder contains the videos for the cabin camera and the other for the forward looking camera. You will need a computer that can read the microSD chip to watch the videos.

Question:What cable hookups are included? Just a cigarette lighter adaptor, or also a fusebox connector?
Answer:One very long (I think 6 foot long) cigarette lighter adaptor cable.

Question:Does this camera have internal battery?or does it need to be connected to usb 100% of the time?
Answer:There is an internal battery that turns the camera on to record for a few seconds when it is shaken while turned off and not connected to a power source. The camera needs a constant power source to operate. It can be hardwired to the car's battery to remain on continually or plugged into the cigarette lighter to be used when operating the car.

Question:Is the camera resistant to high temperatures?
Answer:My camera remains mounted to my window and it has withstood the sun baking/beaming on it through the windshield and the sun heating my car with rolled up windows for many months now. So I guess the answer to your question would be "Yes."




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Campark C310 1080P Front and Inside Dash Cam With HDR Backup Camera