Are you planning to go on an underwater diving session or any adventure sports like mountain biking and wish to keep the moments frozen in your camera? Not all digital cameras are built as waterproof and can be carried while you are in action. Therefore, you need a special type of camera that is portable, easy to use, and can be used in different scenarios like hiking, snorkeling, biking, running, skiing, skating, etc.

Campark has several action cameras created especially for these moments and the Campark X35 is all set to enthrall you with the updated 2021 version. Now, you might have some questions that popped up regarding the model. Here are the five most asked questions answered –


campark x30 action camera

1. Is The Camera Waterproof?

The first and most asked question while choosing an action camera is always regarding its performance underwater because cameras and water do not make a good combination. With the X35 model from Campark, you get a sturdy waterproof case that influences audio and does not let any water seep in. Perfect for water-based and underwater activities like swimming, diving, snorkeling, surfing, and paddleboarding, the waterproof case will give support up to 40 meters i.e. 131 feet underwater, and is thus perfect even for anyone going under the deep sea. Once the case is installed, it will keep the camera safe from scratches, blow, and other external factors. 

2. How Is The Image And Video Quality?

The waterproof action camera ensures professional image and video quality with the support for 4K video and 24MP image resolutions. To ensure a clear and sharp picture, the camera also offers different shutter speeds like auto, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30 seconds for long exposure shots like star trail, meteor shower, car zooming in, etc. With 170 degrees wide-angle coverage, the camera has features like time-lapse, 8x slow motion, distortion calibration, burst photo, 4x zoom, white balance, ISO adjustment, etc. Sony sensor and electronic image stabilization capture steady footage in fast-moving scenarios like jumping, chasing, cycling, etc. You can capture videos at 4K 30fps, 2.7K 30fps, 1080P 120 fps and 720P 240 fps. 


campark x30 action camera



3. Can You Use Self-Timer On Camera?

As the best budget action camera 2022, the X35 lets you take a selfie or create vlogs using the colorful front screen that offers a great recording experience. the camera comes with a dual-screen for convenience and you can also use the high sensitive 2 inch back screen where preview and playback options can make your video recording experience more enjoyable. You can use a self-timer to capture at the right moment while holding your tripod, monopod, gimbal, or selfie stick.

4. Can It Be Used In Car?

One of the best action camera 2022 models, the X35 can be used as a dash camera to record everything inside the car or focused outside to record the road ahead by adjusting it for loop recording. As the camera is set to car mode, it automatically turns on once you connect the USB cable and start recording in loop recording mode. As you turn the ignition off, the camera also automatically stops recording and turns off.  


campark x30 action camera



5. Does It Have WiFi Connection And App Control?   

All you need to do is to download the XDV PRO app compatible with Android and iOS on your mobile device and then press the “UP” switch for three seconds on the camera to switch on the WiFi. This action camera 4K has a WiFi range of 10 meters and will allow you to preview photos and videos, monitor everything in real-time, and share it instantly on social media. You can also connect it to the computer using the USB cable to transfer the files and connect with the HDMI cable to connect the camera directly to the television.


campark x30 action camera



If you are wondering about its battery backup, there are two 1050 mAh batteries, each with 90 minutes of power backup if you are recording in 4K. The package comes with a helmet and bike mounting kit, batteries, waterproof case, USB cable, manual, and back clip frame.