What's the best camera to use for travel blogging? It's a common question that a lot of photographers and travel bloggers are faced with when considering a purchase of a new camera.

When blogging first began, most people were travelers first, and photographers or bloggers second. In the present time and age, that gap has begun to diminish, and, thanks to the rise of Instagram the world has become photographers.


The Best Action Cameras for Travel Blogging & Vlogging


If you're already an experienced blogger or are just starting out this list will help you find the best cameras for travel blogging that are put in terms that we all be able to comprehend.


Campark X30 action camera in 4K at 60fps


Campark X30 action camera has one of the highest frames per second and has an inch sensor that shoots 4K video. It comes with built-in WiFi and a 170-degree wide-angle lens, it allows you to shoot wider angles and also offers stabilization of images for video. Additionally, you can enjoy complete manual control thanks to the ability to capture RAW images, even when using an X30 base model, which costs less than $100. This can produce stunning photos and when it comes down to compressing images for blogs or Instagram you won't discern the difference between them and a full-frame model.


The Best Action Cameras for Travel Blogging & Vlogging


It's the ideal camera to use for travel blogging. You don't require a lot of equipment, just one memory card, an ultra-light tripod and you're good to go. To make it clear that it's small enough to fit in a purse We picked this camera to carry it on hikes or snowboarding trips, as well as into vulnerable areas without drawing attention.


Campark V40 Action camera 4K @ 30fps


At just under $200, this is one of the top cameras available. It features two screens with dual colors that offer you a fantastic experience. The time-lapse feature can help to record continuously, or periodically. It is ideal for recording the motion of cloud formation, dawn and moon drop, flowers growing and blooming, etc.



It comes with Wi-Fi, which makes it easy to download videos or photos from your phone. Additionally, you can also share your pictures and videos via social media. Its small size makes it a joy to carry around in your hands. If you're looking to take a step forward and capture get some stunning images at an affordable price, it's the one that we suggest to bloggers. It's a fantastic option.


Do You Really Need An Expensive Camera for better Vlogging?


Since we all became photographers, a myth was created that travel blogger should travel with hundreds of dollars of gear as well as a bag for cameras. This leaves many bloggers in a dilemma of how much is enough and what's not enough.

Plus the fact that many people's lifestyles aren't able to always take care of their devices. Nor do many people have confidence in the risk of loss of thousands in equipment. Let alone even having the funds to purchase 10 thousand dollars worth of equipment.

But, it's an important thing to consider before you spend hundreds of dollars on cameras. Also, insurance for travel and your equipment in the general will is never a bad idea!


What To Consider When Buying A Camera For Travel Blogging


The number of cameras available nowadays is an overwhelming amount of cameras available. It is possible to spend hours researching brands like Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony, and Fujifilm. After settling on the brand you want to go with, the decision of which model to pick will continue to take up most of your working day.


The Best Action Cameras for Travel Blogging & Vlogging


If you are just beginning your journey as photographers and travel bloggers terms like aperture, mirrorless, speed, and full-frame could be terms that you aren't well-versed in. Campark Action cameras make the ideal choice.