Are you planning to join the increasing number of people who install a dash camera in their car for got the evidence in case of an accident, road rage, or meteors falling from the sky? Then you may be wondering which one is the best choice for you!

As we all know, Dash cams come in different shapes and designs, but the best models are the modest ones. And the easiest to conceal is a rear view mirror dash cam. With the comparison from other types, they are generally attach to the windshield or dashboard.

Turn your car’s rear view mirror into a touchscreen dash cam for $129

2016 Cadillac CT6

Dash cameras have quickly become a more-popular aftermarket purchase for many drivers, but Cadillac has made its first move to integrate the technology from the factory. The streaming rearview mirror was only available on the Cadillac CT6 in 2016. And it’s for premium car only.

OnStar LTE with Wi-Fi, an HDMI-sourced rear seat entertainment system and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay combine to make the 2016 Cadillac CT6 the most tech-forward Caddy in the fleet. 

Turn your car’s rear view mirror into a touchscreen dash cam for $129

But that’s not enough, it have some disadvantages also. The rear camera mirror takes a lot of getting used to; some drivers simply won't like it. The CT6's eight-speed automatic transmission's shifts weren't as smooth as we'd have liked at low city speeds.

Moreover, this configuration is too expensive. If you want to install this cam to a ordinary car then, the installation is very troublesome for you.

So, why got into so much trouble. It’s best to choose something that can provide better performance at reasonable price. Our Campark R10 backup camera is simple to install and the price is cheap, so that customers can get the same experience as Cadillac.

2019 New Launch- Campark R10

Campark launches a new Campark R10 steaming rear view mirror backup camera in 2019 that allows the camera to capture the view clearly even in bright light. We've tested it on sunny afternoons and the results are impressing. This dash cam feature provides a field of vision which is much greater than that of a traditional rearview mirror. This backup camera has clearer view that’s unobstructed by headrests, passengers, animals, or the car’s roof or rear pillars.  

Turn your car’s rear view mirror into a touchscreen dash cam for $129

What Do Streaming Rearview Mirror Dual Dash Cameras For Cars?

This type of cameras help the driver see while backing up and assist systems to warn the driver about expected problems. Rearview or backup camera is the best form of parking tech. Usually these cameras are placed on the trunk lid or rear hatch, and send video to the same central display screens that handle infotainment functions.

Streaming Dash Cameras For Budget Car Cam Investors

If you’re planning to invest in a car camera on a budget, get the best in a less. The Campark R10 is one of the best high quality streaming rearview mirror dual dash camera on the market today, and it comes in at a price of less than $150.

The price of a truly qualified "streaming rearview mirror" is not affordable. It is reported that the production cost of a "streaming rearview mirror" with a quality pass may cost from 700 yuan to 900 dollars. But because we are our own factory, we can provide the same high quality and we only sell for 129 dollars.

Turn your car’s rear view mirror into a touchscreen dash cam for $129

About Campark R10 Mirror Dash Cam With Backup Camera

In March 2019, Campark surprised the world by launching the Rear Camera Mirror Backup Camera – a revolutionary new technology that replaces the traditional rear-view mirror with a streaming digital video touch feed.

Campark R10 Video Streaming Mirror is generally a screen that is installed in a mirror.  The main function of this device is to stream high-quality video output on the screen mirror of the car. The reason for manufacturing this device is to increase the visibility of the driver by a huge margin when compared to other general rear view mirrors.

Turn your car’s rear view mirror into a touchscreen dash cam for $129

 In Video Streaming Mirror, along with the rear view, the front view camera is also included in the system. With the high-quality front view camera, the driver can record every small detail that is happening in front of the camera.

Technical Features of Campark R10 Dual Dash Cam:

Let’s have look on some technical features of the Campark R10 dual dash cam.

  • Both cameras have headlight suppression ability. This allows the camera to capture the view clearly even in bright light.
  • Both cameras have WDR technology which allows fine-tuning of all recorded footages.
  • The front camera can capture footage with 1080p picture quality. It is fully adjustable with a viewing angle of about 170 degrees.
  • The rear camera is also capable of capturing footage of 1080p picture quality. It has a view angle of 140 degrees. The body of the camera is coated with waterproofing material.
  • When the card reaches its full capacity, the system overwrites over the old videos.

Turn your car’s rear view mirror into a touchscreen dash cam for $129

Advantages of Installing Campark New Mirror Dash Cam with Backup Camera:

The main reason for installing any dual dash camera is to increase the visibility of the driver during driving a car.  Other than that there are many other technical advantages for installing Campark R10 dual dash camera in your car. Here are some major of the benefits of installing this device in your car:

Turn your car’s rear view mirror into a touchscreen dash cam for $129

  • With the help of the dash cam, the driver can easily view the surrounding of the car clearly. They can also view the blind spot of the car during parking.
  • The mirror screen of the dash cam is touch screen enable. The screen is about 10” large with high-resolution capability.
  • Both cameras of the system are equipped with 6 glass and F2.0 aperture lens. This enhances the video quality even at night time.
  • The rear view camera in this system has a view of about 140 degrees. The camera is also fully waterproof which can provide 1080p clear image even in extreme weather such as rainy or foggy days.
  • The system is capable of monitoring your car 24 hours. It is also sensitive toward any kind of shock and activates itself to record the situation.
  • The system is installed with G- Sensor. With the help of this system, the video which is recorded during an incident is locked and will not be overwritten during loop recording.

Turn your car’s rear view mirror into a touchscreen dash cam for $129

The campark R10 covers your rear view mirror and replaces it with a dual dash cam with touchscreen controls. It’s awesome, and it’s on sale for $129 right now.

Thus to increase the safety for both yourself and your precious car, one should install Campark R10 dual dash cam.