1 Why you need a baby monitor?

Many people think that the baby monitor is a dispensable tool, but if you only need 40-100 dollars, you can monitor your baby anytime and anywhere to ensure your baby's safety. Why not?
After all, compared to the safety and life of your baby, this money is only a small amount!


When you have an emergency and have to leave your baby temporarily, will you worry about what the baby is doing at the moment?

Bathing, going to the bathroom, cooking, doing housework, many moms and dads want to hung their baby 24 hours to ensure safety.
As the baby grows up, the feasibility of “carrying” the baby is also greatly reduced.
A baby monitor can ensure that your baby is always within our line of sight to avoid minor accidents.

Now we will teach you how to effectively use the baby monitor to help you take care of your baby!

2 How to use the campark baby monitor?

  • 【2.4 Inch LCD Display & 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Transmission】 Campark 2.4 inch HD color video baby monitor, equipped with state-of-the-art lens and 2.4GHz Technology for parents and baby provides an stable connection environment and digital HD vision.
  • 【Two Way Talk & Long Distance Transmission】Campark baby monitor has advanced 2-way communication technology, easy to bring a clear and smooth two-way audio conversations. Match the built-in long-distance transmission technology, max up to 200m(660ft)-300m(1000ft) (barrier-free areas), you can take the screen to kitchen, garden or even further. When the baby wakes up crying, timely reply and chat is the best comfort for the baby.
  • 【Infrared Night Vision & Lullabies】 The baby monitor is equipped with 9 pcs infrared lights, which can provide you with a super night vision in a dark environment. When your baby can't calm down, you can play a build-in charming lullaby, giving the baby maximum peace of mind, comfort.
  • 【VOX Automatic Trigger & Baby Feeding Remind】 When the VOX mode is turned on, the digital screen will automatically sleep during the set time. When the baby sound reaches a certain level, the display will automatically trigger the illumination. When you have any feeding plan for your baby, just set the "feeding" option in the menu, you won't miss any plan feeding your baby.
  • 【Temperature Monitoring & High Capacity Battery】 Equipped with the most advanced and most sensitive temperature sensor, 24-hour real-time room temperature monitoring, you can easily see all the factors around your baby on the digital screen. Campark video baby monitor is also matched with high-capacity battery that lasts for 5 hours in image display mode. 

VOX Automatic Trigger Mode

Open VOX function, digital display will automatically sleep mode. Once the baby unit detects the sound, the monitor screen will automatically open, Light up, and tell parents to check little baby.

2.4GHz Digital Wireless Transmission

Portable, compact baby monitor, equipped with 2.4GHz Technology that allows parents to carry a digital screen with them. As long as you are within 1000ft (barrier-free areas), you can see your baby and communicate with him wherever you are. You won't miss every little trick of your baby.

Two Way Talk Communication

Campark video baby monitor has advanced 2-way talkback communication technology, equipped with a Ultra-utility microphone and speakers. When your baby is crying, you can communicate with him in your own voice to comfort and relax your baby.

Auto Super Infrared Night Vision

Parents always want to watch their own little baby all the time, so don't worry, the video baby monitor is equipped with 9 pcs infrared lights, which can provide a clear view for you in a dark environment. You can also use ZOOM function, watch baby up close.

Fascinating Lullabies

Baby monitor has a built-in fascinating lullaby. When the baby is crying, you can remotely open it through the monitor parent unit to make the baby happy and sleep.

Temperature Monitoring

In order to give the baby a most comfortable environment for growth, the baby monitor will provide 24-hour real-time room temperature monitoring. avoid the room temperature is too high or too low.

Why recommend Campark baby monitor  ?

When we want to buy a certain product, we always pay attention to the best brands and several products first. Why do these products become the first reaction of consumers, and why are they the most popular? Consumers care more about the performance and price/performance of their products, but they rarely pay attention to the reasons behind the popularity of the products

Display: Does your baby monitor have a handheld display or a user's phone as a display? Display devices are separate hardware. After all, parents don't always carry handheld displays but always carry their phones; however, baby monitors with handheld displays are more expensive.

Camera: This evaluation standard mainly depends on the basic performance of the surveillance camera, including resolution, zoom, lens capture range and so on.

Audio function: mainly to examine two aspects, first, whether there is a one-touch function, remote can comfort the baby; second, whether there is a lullaby playback function.

Standby duration: Baby monitors are available in both wired and wireless options. Wireless monitors are more convenient to move, but consider the battery's standby duration. After all, parents don't want to miss the baby's minute.

Additional features: Some baby monitors also add humidity, temperature monitoring, and night monitoring. Campark integrates a variety of additional features, and a single device easily implements multiple functions.