With the development of science and technology, the progress of the times, and the improvement of living standards, more and more foreigners are falling in love with hunting, a stimulating and fashionable sport. From the big data point of view, especially in North America, Europe, the activity is very high. Every year, with a growth rate of more than 20%, it develops very rapidly. With the development of hunting, a special hunting camera designed for hunting in the wild came into being.

Trail camera other name

trail camera
game camera
wildlife camera
deer camera
hunting cameras
Survival camera

As a companion to the hunting camera, I want to take this opportunity to share the principle of hunting camera with you. It is a good reference for you to choose to buy a hunting camera product now or in the future:
The hunting camera is capable of inducing photos and recording video of moving objects through the lens and the sensing probe by transmitting an object with a heat source.
It is then stored in the memory card that comes with the camera. Achieve fast, accurate, and awkward actions.

The characteristics of the trail camera :
Low power consumption (8 AAA battery standby for 12 months)
Fast (within 0.5 seconds)
Easy to install (just a bandage).

The main function:

1:Effective pixel 5 million HD imaging effects,
2:Day and night dual-use type (with infrared light),
3:Ultra-high-speed start (infrared sensing) to take pictures,
High anti-interference, high stability PIR system (with temperature compensation),
4:Very low power consumption and long standby time (more than 3 months),
5:Very low battery cost (4 or 8 5# alkaline batteries),
6:With automatic anti-theft function (with lock, wire rope, password),
7:Small size, waterproof, outdoor use,
8:In fact, the main function is: you hang the camera on the trunk. There are animals walking by. Will take pictures automatically.


2019 best trail camera

If you want to buy a camera that suits you, then consider buying a campark trail camera with several models for beginners and mature hunters.
It has all the features listed above.

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So far, the camppark camera has more than 2,000 trail camera reviews Especially the quality of video and pictures, very high definition, is very helpful in helping hunters hunt down animals.