With the coming of the winter, there is a class of hunter who looks out for antlers. These hunters are called as shed hunters. These hunters hunt for antlers which are found during the winter. Shed hunting or scouts hunting are termed as the two different ways of hunting by some hunters.

These hunters are experts in finding trails and have lots of patience for a single big hunting game. So, if you are looking for some old school hunting style, here are some tips for shed hunting that will make your hunting trips more successful.


Hunt At a Slow Pace

The best quality of any Shed hunter is the unlimited patience and the looking out for trails that are usually missed by the general people. They start with the intention of walking for miles. As they understand that more they walk the more antlers they can find. This is the reason for which it is generally advised by an expert to slow down look around carefully. Search for every corner for any clues left by deer. By following the trails one can have chances of getting a good quality shedding of an antler.


Select the Location

One must understand the difference between scouting and shed hunting. There are many people who try to scout and search for any shedding at the same time. But most of the time they are unsuccessful in shed hunting. One has to understand that location for hunting game and shed hunting are different. There is a very delicate time when deer do shedding.

The hunter must have the idea of the shedding time and the location of the antlers spends during the winter. If not, then the hunter has to be very attentive to clues he or she might find on the ground. Any single distraction can cause the hunter to lose an important clue. One needs to dedicate enough time for searching for any antlers.


Preserve the Spot

This is one of the tips that are told to any newbie in the shed hunting field. If the hunter is able to locate bedding areas used by the deer for shedding, then is advisable to the hunter to preserve that sweet spot. This is due to the reason that deer might come back to the place again during the shedding time. The place might be some sort of bedding area or near some food source.

After taking out the antlers cover the areas with snow and mud to make it look untouched. In some cases, hunters find a huge number of antlers from old preserved spot than on any new shedding area.

Shed hunting is a very lucrative and very addictive business. But it is also very frustrating at the same time. After traveling for miles and returning home empty-handed without any antlers can make any hunter very frustrated and disappointed. So, it is important to keep a positive attitude and hope while shed hunting. And with enough practice, you will improve in locating antlers. Keep these tips in the mind while keeping a positive attitude while shed hunting.