With Halloween comes a lot of great stuff, not just spooky creatures and hangings that create a haunted effect. The world talks about Halloween jokes, silliness, the fun of getting Halloween candy, and most importantly, the many creepy and haunted decorations that hang around lawns and house mantles.

Under this holiday from full of black, horror, do you want to be interested in photographing certain neighbors with weird costumes or cute ghosts and ghouls who trick or treat? Are you curious about what the streets look like in the early hours of Halloween? Or maybe a security camera will record everything for you.

Campark Halloween Deals Special: Over 100, get 10% off. Promo code: WIN; The following security cameras may have one you need.

Designed for places without WiFi and power: Campark SC12 3MP 4G LTE Cellular Solar Security Camera includes SIM card

This solar-powered 4G LTE cellular camera can be used anywhere in the country with 4G LTE coverage. The package includes a prepaid 4G LTE SIM card with 100M free data and support for AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile data service providers. 2K resolution, also features 355° horizontal rotation, 90° vertical rotation and 5x digital zoom. 100% wireless, no wifi required, perfect for barns, farms, ranches, construction sites, vacation homes, barns, RVs, wildlife research and other places without power. Even when you're on the other side of the country, you can manage all your camera settings, receive and share video, monitor in real time, and manage your data plan from a mobile app. The camera is widely used in the U.S., Canada, Europe and elsewhere.

Ideal for long-distance monitoring, without WiFi. If you need to check the wipe over long distances, this to must be suitable for you.

PTZ + Bullet Camera Combo Kit: Campark SC06 4MP 100% Wireless Battery Powered Secure 355° PTZ Camera System

4 MP Full HD and color night vision, battery powered and 100% wireless PTZ + bullet camera combo kit. Equipped with 355° horizontal, 90° vertical PTZ camera and 120° wide angle bullet camera, the battery powered wireless security camera system covers every corner with no blind spots. Supports remote control of the battery security camera system via mobile/PC APP, PC Web while you are away. Low power consumption, 6 months (180 days) of use at a time No wires required for installation, flexible to install wireless security camera anywhere.

Combination set is great for home and outdoor security needs, PTZ can be installed indoors and bullet cameras can be installed around the house. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor security needs.

Solar Powered Security Camera: Campark SC08 3MP 4PCS Wireless Solar Powered Real Time Alarm Security Camera System

This camera is a solar security camera, each camera is equipped with a 3W solar panel, simply charge the camera once before use, then install the solar camera in a sunny location to ensure that the solar panel receives maximum sunlight and provides uninterrupted power to the camera. The camera includes a base station. There is a wireless dedicated line connection between the base station and the camera to ensure more stable, farther and faster transmission and maximum information security. Also without the hassle of circuit wiring, you can put the camera anywhere you want to monitor. This 3MP (2304x1296p) wireless home security camera features a 4mm lens, 5x optical zoom, and 2 built-in LED beads that automatically turn on at night to capture color detail when motion is detected, so you won't miss any dark corners. Keep your Halloween horror streets in full view with this HD color security camera.

The best choice for out door cameras.

Lamp holder Security Camera: Campark SC11 2MP 10X Hybrid Zoom Wireless Lamp holder PTZ Security Camera

This camera can be mounted on a regular E27 bulb base (110V~240V) and used just as easy to install as a light bulb. No drilling, no wiring, no power cord required. It is the easiest camera to install and use. Support 10x digital zoom and 2MP full color night vision, can see car numbers and stranger-like. 355° horizontal movement 90° vertical movement detection. The price is very good, only 79.99 can be.

Security Camera with LCD: Campark W400 1080P 4pcs 24/7 Recording Security Camera System with 12-inch LCD

The W400 security camera system features a 12” Full HD 1080P LCD monitor (non-touch screen) and 4 factory paired IP cameras. The surveillance system provides 24/7 all-day recording. It also supports video preview, recording, simultaneous playback, backup, motion detection and email alerts. Once motion is detected, smart notifications with email/snapshot alerts are pushed to your mobile app so you know immediately what's going on.

Perfect for when you want to watch the detection anywhere, supporting mobile and monitor operation.

Hidden Nanny Cam: Campark SC13 2MP Wireless Mini Portable Indoor Security Camera

At only 4.17 x 3.5 x 1.65 inches, this indoor mini camera's size allows this mini hidden cam to be hidden anywhere, such as drawers, sofas, bookshelves and closets. It has all the useful features you need in a WiFi mini camera: 120° wide angle, sensitive PIR motion sensor at 16 feet distance, 2MP ultra HD live video, motion detection, push alarm, non-illuminated IR night vision, recording, playback/capture/remote recording and other common features. Also compatible with iOS and Android for real-time playback anywhere, anytime. You can travel or go to the office without worrying about the behavior of your family, seniors, children, babies, pets, thieves, babysitters, caregivers, etc.

Which of these security cameras do you like better? Maybe you have these security cameras because you can capture unparalleled horror pictures or interesting videos. Such as: skeletons, ghost lanterns, pumpkins, black cats or lightning goblins. I hope that this Halloween, security cameras can capture meaningful moments for you.